Americas Best Eyeglasses Naples Fl

How much do glasses really cost at Americas Best?

2 Pairs of Glasses for $79.95. 2 Pairs of Kids Glasses for $79.95. 2 Pairs of Bifocals for $99.95. 2 Pairs of Progressives Deal. Free Eye Exam.

How much is an eye appointment at Americas Best?

How much does an eye exam cost? At America’s Best, eye exams are FREE* with our 2 pairs offers! Exams without a 2 pair purchase are only $59. Schedule an eye exam at America’s Best today.

Who own America’s Best eyeglasses?

America’s Best is part of National Vision, one of the largest and fastest-growing optical retailers in the United States.

How long does it take to get glasses from America’s Best?

While we generally project a 2 week (7 to 10 business days) wait for eyeglasses, sometimes they arrive sooner. If you haven’t received a call within 2 weeks of ordering your glasses, feel free to call the store. If you have any other questions, contact us.

Why is GlassesUSA so cheap?

In 2009, they set out to correct the vision industry and make that possible by launching GlassesUSA, an online retailer for prescription eyewear. By removing the middleman from the typical supply chain, the company says it offers more options at lower prices.

Why are glasses so expensive in the US?

It’s more expensive to produce glasses frames in Japan, the United States and the European Union. They all tend to be higher quality. Most glasses are made of plastic, metal or a combination of the two. The materials have a big impact on the price of glasses.

What kind of eye doctor is at America’s Best?

Yes, all eye doctors practicing inside America’s Best are licensed, professional optometrists who are dedicated to the eye health of their patients. Do your optometrists accept my vision insurance? All of our optometrists accept vision insurance.

How much are America’s Best eye exams without insurance?

$50 for a comprehensive eye exam. $89 for a contact lens eye exam.

How long does America’s Best take for eye exam?

An eye exam at America’s Best is designed to give you the most comprehensive care possible at an unbeatable price. The entire process may take 1.5 to 2 hours from check-in to check-out. When you arrive at the store, you can check in at the reception desk.

What is the number 1 glasses company?

Luxottica Group S.p.A. is an Italian eyewear conglomerate and the world’s largest company in the eyewear industry.