Are The Raptors Playing In Tampa?

Are the Raptors playing in Florida?

The Raptors will continue to play home games in Tampa, Florida, for the rest of the 2020-21 NBA season, citing border restrictions and being “mindful of public safety measures” in Toronto as factors preventing them from returning home to play at any point this season.

Are the Raptors allowing fans in Tampa?

Up to 3,500 fans in attendance Ultra-violet disinfectant lights have been installed at various locations including escalator handrails and the number of people allowed on elevators at one time will also be limited. Masks will be required throughout the arena concourses and seating areas when not eating or drinking.

Are Raptors moving to Tampa?

The news came out Friday, and it wasn’t good for the Toronto Raptors. Call them the “Tampa Bay Raptors” for the foreseeable future. Team president Masai Ujiri released a statement saying that Canada’s only NBA club has been denied government approval to play the 2020-21 season at their home court, Scotiabank Arena.

Is the NBA playing in Tampa?

Tampa Bay is getting an NBA team — at least for this season. The Toronto Raptors announced Friday that the team will begin its season in Tampa playing at Amalie Arena due to restrictions on cross-border travel.

Where will the Toronto Raptors play?

Toronto Raptors

Why was the Raptors game Cancelled tonight?

Jets, Eagles head coaches test positive for COVID-19 The NBA has postponed Toronto’s game at Chicago tonight because the Raptors do not have the required eight players available.

What NBA teams are in Florida?

There are two NBA teams in Florida. The Orlando Magics and Miami Heat.

Are fans allowed to attend Raptors games?

Fans no longer allowed at Lightning, Raptors games due to COVID-19 spike. Amalie Arena, the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning and temporary host to the Toronto Raptors, will no longer allow fans to attend the teams’ games due to a recent spike in local COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, the venue announced Saturday.

Can fans go to Toronto Raptors games?

Games played at Scotiabank Arena will feature a reduced capacity for the next 3 weeks. Scotiabank Arena will have many empty seats for the next 3 weeks in accordance with health authorities.

Why are there no spectators at the Raptors game?

Raptors game resumes without fans after fire The game between the Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers resumed without fans after Scotiabank Arena was evacuated due to a speaker fire.