Are The Tampa Bay Rays In The Playoffs?

Is Tampa Bay Rays still in playoffs?

Rays eliminated from postseason after Guardians’ 15th inning walk-off.

Are Rays in playoffs 2022?

Despite somehow finding their way into the playoffs for a fourth straight year, the Rays ended 2022 on a seven-game losing streak and a heartbreaking loss in Cleveland. With the AL East only getting stronger, they’ll need to find some more reliable sources of offense if they intend to compete again in 2023.

Has Tampa Bay Rays clinched a playoff spot?

The Rays (86-71) began the day in the third and final AL wild-card slot, trailing Toronto and Seattle. Tampa Bay extended the longest postseason streak in franchise history and earned a playoff spot for the eighth time, all since 2008.

How are the Rays doing in the playoffs?

The Tampa Bay Rays were one of the big winners of MLB’s new 12-team playoff format, finishing third in the American League East but making the playoffs as the sixth seed. They couldn’t capitalize on that opportunity however, falling to the AL Central champion Cleveland Guardians in a two-game wild-card series sweep.

Is Tampa Bay Rays in the wild card?

After a few days of speculation and schedule watching, it’s finally official. The Guardians will be taking on the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2022 Wild Card Series. This first round will be a best-of-three-game series in which the entirety of it will be played at home at Progressive Field.

What MLB teams are in the playoffs 2022?

AL West champion: Houston Astros. AL East champion: New York Yankees. AL Central champion: Cleveland Guardians. AL Wild Card: Toronto Blue Jays. AL Wild Card: Seattle Mariners. AL Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays. NL West champion: Los Angeles Dodgers. NL East champion: Atlanta Braves.

Who made the Baseball playoffs 2022?

The top two teams in each league (the Astros and Yankees in the American League and the Dodgers and Braves in the National League) received byes and started their postseason journeys in the LDS round. The Phillies ousted the Padres in five games in the NLDS, while the Astros swept the Yankees out of the ALCS.

What team are in the NHL playoffs 2022?

Stanley Cup Final | Avalanche vs. Lightning. East Final | Rangers vs. Lightning. West Final | Avalanche vs. Oilers. Round 2 | Panthers vs. Lightning. Round 2 | Hurricanes vs. Rangers. Round 2 | Avalanche vs. Blues. Round 2 | Flames vs. Oilers. Round 1 | Panthers vs. Capitals.

Who will the Rays play in wild-card?

Guardians odds, line, Wild Card Series Game 1 picks, predictions from proven model. Game 1 of the American League Wild Card Series between the Cleveland Guardians (92-70) and the Tampa Bay Rays (86-76) takes place on Friday afternoon.

What is the Rays magic number to clinch?

Rays’ magic number at 3 after Ramírez’s clutch double.