Are There Alligators In The Stranahan River In Fort Lauderdale?

Are there alligators in Fort Lauderdale river?

As of 2022, some people who lived in Fort Lauderdale near the canals haven’t seen one in more than a decade. However, I saw a 2021 report about “Alligator Alley,” which is the nickname given to the section of I-75 between Fort Lauderdale and Naples.

What kind of fish are at Stranahan river?

Largemouth bass. 30 Largemouth bass have been caught near here. Bullseye snakehead. 26 Bullseye snakehead have been caught near here. Butterfly peacock bass. 14 Butterfly peacock bass have been caught near here. Mangrove snapper. Crevalle jack. Lane snapper. Yellowtail snapper. Schoolmaster snapper.

Are there crocodiles in Florida canals?

Yes, there are crocodiles living in the canals of the Keys.

What River in Florida has the most alligators?

Freshwater Lakes Johns River in northeast Florida, has the most– more than 2,300. Lake Kissimmee, near Orlando, comes in second with just shy of 2,000.

Are there crocodiles in Ft Lauderdale?

The Everglades is unique in that the Florida Bay freshwater meets the salty water of the Gulf of Mexico. This is why you can see both alligators and crocodiles on an alligator airboat tour in Fort Lauderdale.

What fish are biting in Fort Lauderdale?

You can expect a good bite from Sailfish and Mahi Mahi nearshore, with Tuna, Wahoo, Cobia, and Amberjack around the reefs.

Can you eat fish from South Florida canals?

Florida’s freshwater and marine fish are generally considered safe to eat.

Can you fish off the beach in Fort Lauderdale?

By law, you can only fish on Fort Lauderdale Beach between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., but the fishing is better at night, anyway.

Are there alligators in Fort Lauderdale canals?

South Florida has a small croc population. They are mostly found farther south, and are not found around Hollywood or Fort Lauderdale. That being said, a stray croc has been known to show up in those areas once in a while, but they generally show up in canals where people don’t swim. But you never know.

Does all water in Florida have gators?

Is swimming safe in Florida lakes? All natural Florida lakes contain alligators and snakes. In addition, the majority of natural Florida lakes have dark or stained water limiting visibility. Alligators and snakes depend upon the ability to ambush prey to survive.