Are There Any True All Inclusive Resorts In Fort Lauderdale?

Does Florida have any true all-inclusive resorts?

Bungalows Key Largo is one of the only truly all-inclusive resorts in Florida. An adults-only oasis, the Key Largo beach resort features 135 private waterfront or garden bungalows with bougainvillea-covered verandas, soaking tubs and outdoor garden showers.

What does all-inclusive resort mean in Florida?

All-inclusive, for instance, can mean that breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, plus airport transportation and more are included. Or, it may mean that just lunch and dinner are included. Often, spa treatments, golf outings or local tours will cost extra.

Do all-inclusive resorts exist?

Though all-inclusive properties aren’t as common in the U.S. as they are in vacation hot spots like Mexico or the Caribbean, there are still plenty of luxurious American resorts perfect for guests on the hunt for a hassle-free vacation.

Is all-inclusive actually all-inclusive?

An all-inclusive vacation is a vacation that includes all the essentials in the booking price. Besides accommodation, you can expect food, drinks, activities, and entertainment to be included, without having to pay extra for it.

Where in Florida is it most like the Caribbean?

Big Pine Key, Florida Although it’s part of the mainland United States, Bahia Honda State Park has all the Caribbean credentials: crystal-clear water, white-sand beaches, and plenty of breezy palm trees.

Is there a Sandals resort in Florida?

If you’re looking for Sandals resorts in Florida, unfortunately, there isn’t a Sandals resort in Florida. Sandals currently only have adults-only all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean; there aren’t any Sandals resorts in the U.S. Sandals resorts in the Caribbean are located in Jamaica, The Bahamas, St.

Is it worth it to pay for all-inclusive?

If you just want to relax at a beach and enjoy the resort activities, then absolutely, an all-inclusive resort is worth it for couples. But if you want to explore your destination, do lots of offsite activities, and eat at local restaurants, it may not be.

Can you refuse to pay resort fees in Florida?

However, some states have begun to enact their own laws against resort fees. So far, California, Florida, Hawaii, and Nevada have all passed legislation banning these fees unless they are disclosed the fees upfront during the booking process.

How do I choose an all inclusive resort?

Call a Travel Agent. Travel agents are extremely well-versed in all-inclusive resorts. Consider Adults-Only vs. Family-Friendly. Compare Included Amenities. Check Out the Location. Determine the Size of Resort Best for You. Compare Beaches. Look Into the Resort’s Atmosphere.

Do all-inclusive resorts have condoms?

Condoms. It is never advertised and no hotel employee will bring it up, but almost every decent hotel has free condoms available upon request.