Best Bars In Naples For Young Adults

Is Naples a good place for young adults?

Young adults will love Naples as much as anyone else, and for several excellent reasons. First, Naples is a very young-skewing town, so many other young, single people live here. The job market is strong here, also, with excellent future job growth and low unemployment.

Does Napoli have good nightlife?

Nightlife Naples: capital of the Campania region and one of the largest cities in southern Italy, Naples is not only known only for being the home of Neapolitan pizza, but also boasts a very lively nightlife. The options for nightlife range from bars, wineries, pubs and nightclubs where you can sip a good drink.

Where can I have aperitivo in Naples?

Barril – Via Giuseppe Fiorelli, 11. Antica Cantina Sepe – Via Vergini, 55. Cisterna Cafè e Bistrot – Via Cisterna dell’Olio, 6. Caffè letterario Intra Moenia – Piazza Bellini 70.

What is the oldest bar in Naples Italy?

Founded in 1860, Gran Caffè Gambrinus is the oldest bar in Naples and, consequently, part of the first 10 cafés in Italy.

Is Naples cheap or expensive?

Average Daily Costs for Visiting Naples What is this? It costs around €40-€70/day to visit Naples comfortably as a budget traveler. If you want to upgrade your accommodations, add another €30-€70/night depending on your level of accommodation.

Is Naples good for a girls trip?

Things To Do On A Girls Getaway Weekend In Naples, Florida The Naples area is teeming with upscale and hip boutiques, cultural opportunities like museums and theater, and lots of options for laying around on white, sandy beaches. And best of all, hotels are ready to cater to getaways for every occasion.

Where to avoid in Naples at night?

Barra, this neighborhood is not dangerous as the others but not it’s not recommended to stay here. Other neighborhoods to avoid: Quartieri Spagnoli at night, Centro Direzionale at night and weekends and Rione Traiano for drug dealing.

Which city has the best nightlife in Italy?

Which city in Italy has the best nightlife? Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Sicily have been recorded to have the best nightlife in Italy. So, make sure that you choose one of these places to enjoy the nightlife.

Does Amalfi Coast have nightlife?

Amalfi is the perfect holiday recipe, it is not only known for its sensational views from the coast or mouth watering delicacies but also has a vibrant nightlife.

What drinks is Naples famous for?

Espresso: Naples is known for its rich and delicious espresso. Limoncello: This sweet, lemon-flavored liqueur is a popular after-dinner drink in Naples. Caffe Napoletano: Lacryma Christi wine: Campari soda: