Best Beaches To Metal Detect In Florida

Can you use a metal detector on beaches in Florida?

Many public beaches allow metal detecting, as long as you stay between the dunes and the high tide line. This area designation applies for state park beaches, too.

What is the best beach to use a metal detector on?

Black sand beaches are also great places to look for lost treasures. The sand is dense and often contains a high concentration of minerals, making it difficult to find targets. However, black sand beaches are also some of the most beautiful places to metal detect.

What beach has the most treasure?

Sanibel Island, FL. Calvert Cliffs State Park, MD. Ocracoke Island, NC. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Shipwreck Beach, Lanai, HI. Glass Beach Mendocino Coast, CA.

Can you keep treasure found on Florida beach?

If you find something on the beach or in a state, city or county park that looks like it’s more than 50 years old, you are required to leave it where it is and report it to local authorities or the Division of Historical Resources.

Is treasure hunting legal in Florida?

Treasure Hunting Restrictions In Florida You are allowed to search on the beach, but you have to stay away from the water. Even wet sand can be considered “submerged land” and is off-limits. Sand dunes are restricted areas on most beaches, so avoid searching near them.

Do I need a permit to metal detect in Florida?

Metal-detecting is permitted, and no permit is required. Please don’t leave holes. In Orange County, where Orlando is located, metal-detecting is allowed with a permit, but anything you find must be reported to park staff. If whatever you’ve found is a historical artifact, lost or stolen, the staff will confiscate it.

Is it worth metal detecting on the beach?

Metal detecting at the beach is a great way to see what’s buried and waiting to be unearthed. As you start your treasure hunt at the beach, you will quickly discover that the sand is easy to dig. And lets face it, what is more enjoyable than being able to cool off in the water!

Do people find stuff on the beach with metal detectors?

Do people find stuff on the beach with metal detectors? You bet they do! In fact, salt water beaches are among the best spots to find valuable items. Shipwrecks along the coast of the United States make the headlines often.

Does salt water affect metal detectors?

Hunting salt water beaches is different than hunting fresh water as saltwater is heavily mineralized due to the high concentrations of salt. This mineralization can make many metal detectors rather useless in wet sand or surf conditions. Although they will work just fine on dry beaches.

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