10 Best Nightclubs In Miami, FL

Miami is one of the top cities in the US that is known for its awesome nightlife. If you are looking for the best nightclubs in Miami, the options are so many that it might get confusing where to go.

There’s a reason why everyone talks about the best dance clubs in Miami. Not only are they one-of-a-kind in the USA, but also the whole world. Visitors to Miami are a diverse lot and they love to take part in the nightlife scene of the city.

Miami Highlights
Miami Highlights


If you are looking to have an unforgettable experience, below are some of the most popular clubs in Miami to dance and party.


If you want to experience the best nightlife in Miami then you need to visit E11EVEN. The club started operating in 2014 and since then it has never closed at all. It is a 24-hour party club that operates throughout the year.

You can find performances by the Cirque du Soleil-caliber aerial ballerinas and dancers too. While it’s not a strip club, there are female dancers who dance topless. The club has a two-tier dancefloor, champagne rooms, and a huge stage.

The DJ booth gets performances from top-grade DJ’s and celebrities like Drake, Diplo, and others have named this club as their favorite. E11even also has a rooftop bar and restaurant if you want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise after the party.

Address: 29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Location: https://g.page/11Miami

Phone: +13058292911

Website: https://www.11miami.com/


No, you don’t have to be an astronaut to party here. Club Space is one of the top clubs in Miami that has been operating for the past 18 years and is a well-known place in the United States.

Club Space is known for its innovative dance parties and performance by A-grade international DJs playing everything from rock to hip-hop and more. Party till early morning spinning to music from famous DJs.

The club is divided into four sections: a live venue, a stage for electronic acts, a loft for hip-hop music, and an outdoor rooftop area. The operating hours are unrestricted and they play the best of electronic and international music.

Address: 34 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Location: https://g.page/ClubSpace


Friday, 10 pm–12 am

Saturday & Sunday, Open 24 hours

Phone: +17863576456

Website: https://clubspace.com/


Want to bowl and skate while drinking and partying at the same time? Basement is one of the best nightclubs clubs in Miami Beach where you can do all this. In fact, the nightclub is so awesome that even Drake rented the whole place to dance with Rihanna once.

The club is touted as one of the most exclusive clubs in Miami. While the club makes for a rather intimate room for dancing, it can get cramped quickly as people join. So it is best to reach there early to avoid the long line.

Address: 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/XNuBWmZiTk5gQMGP8


Thursday to Saturday, 5 pm–12 am

Phone: +17862574600

Website: https://www.basementmiami.com/


Story is one of a kind nightclub that is one of the hottest clubs in Miami. The energy you find in the club is always high. The club was started in 2012 and is located in Miami Beach.

The club has a huge 27,000 square feet stage with an innovative hybrid music system. Coupled with concert style lighting and visual, Story has become the frontrunner of Miami nightlife.

STORY’s designers have incorporated a circus-style setting for the interiors. With more than 60 exclusive VIP tables and five full-fledged bars, your visit to the STORY will be unforgettable.

Address: 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/K8fhXExKsPrfi7kM6

Phone: +13054794426

Website: https://www.storymiami.com/


Do Not Sit On The Furniture is the club for those who prefer an intimate setting with the right kind of music. It is one of the best clubs in south beach Miami that has proven its name among the locals since 2013.

The crowd here is lively and they are always on their toes dancing and partying. Ultimately, the motto of the club, as the name suggests, is to make the most of your time and have the best experience of your life.

Address: 423 16th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Location: https://g.page/do-not-sit-on-the-furniture


Wednesday to Saturday, 6 pm–12 am

Phone: +15105515067

Website: https://donotsitonthefurniture.com


Rated as one of the best Latin club in Miami in 2019, El Patio adds more flavor to their techno and house music. Nicolas Hoyos has even important furniture from his homeland to give the Columbian vibes.

DJ Mr. Pauer keeps the club alive with his tunes with a perfect playlist of reggaeton and Latin music. Guests can make use of the happy hours and there are also ladies’ nights on Tuesdays.

Address: 167 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/nuiuLqzRyHQkwaZ1A


Monday, 6 pm–3 am

Tuesday to Friday, 5 pm–3 am

Sunday, 1 pm–3 am

Phone: +17864092241

Website: https://www.elpatiowynwood.com/


LIV is one of the most famous clubs in Miami located inside the world-class Fontainebleau Hotel. Ranked as one of the best nightlife clubs in Miami, they have recently renovated the club for a whopping $100 million.

LIV mainly focuses on dance and music, largely on Lain and hip-hop. The club has a huge 18,000 square feet venue complete with vibrant lightings, a huge dome, and striking ceilings. The look and vibe of the club attract many high profile guests, dancing to the tunes of world-renowned DJs.

The club has four full-service bars with talented mixologists, where guests can enjoy their drinks while dancing along to LIV’s custom music and playlist. There are also six private skyboxes where guests can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the party while staying in the comfort of fifty banquette areas.

Address: 167 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/nuiuLqzRyHQkwaZ1A


Monday, 6 pm–3 am

Tuesday to Friday, 5 pm–3 am

Sunday, 1 pm–3 am

Phone: +17864092241

Website: https://www.elpatiowynwood.com/


At Treehouse you can dance to the soundtracks of EDM, techno, and house music under a funky jungle décor. The two-room house hosts the ultimate clubbing experience and the atmosphere feels like an out-of-hand party.

The club brings out the best vibes where underground DJs like Scuba, Cassy, and Matt Tolfrey feature regularly. You don’t even need to wear fancy clothes to dance here. All you need is a pair of comfortable dancing shoes.

Address: 323 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7RLifxnaWUeqvauBA


Friday to Sunday, 6 pm–12 am

Phone: +17863181908

Website: https://www.treehousemiami.com/


Twist is an LGBTQ+ friendly club where the community can not only gather but also party hard. This is one of the best clubs in South Beach Miami, where the LGBTQ+ community is strong.

The club has multilevel dance floors, fireball shots, fire tunes, and more. Guests can dance both indoors and outdoors with their friends or make some new ones. And if you are tired of all the partying and need a break, there are many areas where you can relax and chill with a few drinks.

Address: 1057 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/1WTbuBd9UUggTLo66


Thursday to Monday, 3 pm–12 am

Tuesday & Wednesday, 3 pm–11 pm

Phone: +13055389478

Website: https://www.twistsobe.com/


Mr Jones is the club for hip-hop and rap where stylishly dressed crows dance to live performances of famous DJs.

Located in Miami Beach, the classy club may be smaller in size compared to other famous clubs in Miami, but the awesome sound system and funky interiors attract many of the rich ones.

Many popular DJs perform here as well as several other local talents. If you are looking for the best nightlife in Miami Beach, this is your place to be.

Address: 320 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ULNMkY21kwowTgjw8


Thursday to Tuesday, 9 pm–2 am

Closed on Wednesdays

Phone: +13056023117

Website: https://mrjonesmiami.com/

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