Best Dahlias For Florida

Do dahlias grow well in Florida?

That’s right, you can grow Dahlias in Florida. The Beautiful tuberous plants are native to Mexico and Central America, with warm days and cool nights. The Extreme heat, heavy winter rains, pests and disease pose challenges when growing in hot and humid climates.

What dahlias are best for hot humid?


Can dahlias tolerate heat?

When temperatures hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit, dahlias stop growing. Dahlias may not flower when temperatures become too high. If your dahlias appear not to be flowering, do not despair. They will bloom when the temperatures fall.

What is the most popular dahlia variety?

The Café Au Lait Dahlia is perhaps the most popular dahlia flower variety. This voluminous dinner-plate sized beauty is a favorite of both flower gardeners and of florists. Café Au Lait is a creamy rose color with a hint of peachy-beige towards the center.

Do dahlias do well in high heat?

Dahlias Like it Warm, Not Hot They are native to the mountains of southern Mexico and Central America, where summer days are warm (80-85°F) and nights are cool (65-70°F). Growing conditions in the Pacific Northwest are similar, which makes it an ideal place to grow dahlias.

How do you take care of dahlias in Florida?

Dahlias must have well-drained soil with lots of leaf mold or other type of organic material. Plan on providing water and fertilizer on a regular schedule. Because the dahlia’s feeder roots are only an inch below the surface, add at least a 2-inch layer of mulch to help keep the roots cool and the soil moisture steady.

What are the hardiest dahlias?

Dahlia Cornel is an industry favorite and it performs well in cold climates, too – offering many stems and resistance to pests (like potato leafhopper). Aztec Dahlias recommends: Ivanetti, Cornel*, Valley Rust Bucket*, Rose Toscano, Ferncliff Copper, Cafe Au Lait*, Breakout, Peaches in Cream.

Can dahlias grow in full sun?

About Dahlias Plant them in a full sun location (giving them 6-8 hours of direct sunlight) and enjoy blooms all summer long. They will bloom and provide you with color and abundant flowers for cutting and enjoying throughout the summer. The more you cut a dahlia plant, the more it will bloom.

Can dahlias survive 40 degrees?

Store in a well-ventilated, frost-free space: 40º to 45ºF is ideal, 35º to 50ºF is acceptable. Check on the dahlia tubers occasionally over the winter. Remove any tubers that have started to rot before the decay spreads to healthy tubers.

What temperature kills dahlia blooms?

If they are outside or in a garage, a temperature below 35 degrees can kill them.