Best Electrophysiologist In Florida

Who is the best electrophysiologist in the world?

Natale. A world recognized leader in the field of electrophysiology, Dr. Natale is a dedicated clinician, academician and researcher.

Who is the best electrophysiologist in India?

Dr. Satbir Singh. Dr. Sachin Upadhyaya. Dr. Vipul Narain Roy. Dr. Anil Bhan. Dr. Shipra Srivastava. Dr. Sandeep Srivastava. Dr. Vinayak Aggarwal. Dr. Nagendra S Chouhan.

How many electrophysiologists are there in the US?

According to the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), in 2011 there were 1,922 certified clinical electrophysiologists in the United States. The number of certified EPs has risen since 2008,4 although it is estimated that only 90 trained EPs enter the workforce annually.

What is the success rate of electrophysiology study?

The success rate of the procedure depends on which type of SVT is present but is usually approximately 95% to 98%.

Which country has best heart specialist?

The UK has the top cardiac surgeons in the world. They are experts in all the major domains of cardiac surgeries.

Who is no 1 heart specialist in India?

Dr. Ashok Seth is a renowned cardiologist in India who has made significant contributions in the field of cardiology. He is recognized globally for his expertise in interventional cardiology and has performed over 50,000 angioplasties and other complex procedures. Dr.

What is the salary of electrophysiology of heart in India?

Employees who knows Electrophysiology earn an average of ₹40.0lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹37.0lakhs per year to ₹49.8lakhs per year based on 2 profiles.

How much does electrophysiology of heart cost in India?

The cost of an EP study in India can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location of the hospital, the experience of the electrophysiologist, and the complexity of the procedure. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from around ₹80,000 to ₹1,60,000 for an EP study in India.

What is highest salary for heart doctor?

The most recent findings, which reflect U.S. salaries through May 2022, are now live on the BLS website. Overall, Cardiologist is the No. 1 highest-paying job in the country with an annual mean wage of $421,330.

How much does an electrophysiology Cardiologist earn in USA?

The average Electrophysiologist salary is $365,455 as of May 01, 2023, but the salary range typically falls between $293,236 and $464,454.