Best Everglades Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale

What time of day is best for airboat ride in Florida?

Best Time of Day When the weather is nice, there really is no bad time of day to go on an airboat tour. If it’s alligators you are dying to see, then around dawn or dusk would be the best, since they are most active at these times.

Can you visit the Everglades from Fort Lauderdale?

Greater Fort Lauderdale is the gateway to the Everglades, where wild beauty makes up almost two-thirds of the destination’s total area. Take an airboat ride and witness exotic flora, fauna, and wildlife from alligators to Florida panthers.

What is the best time of day to tour Everglades?

Planning your activities for the morning hours (until around 11 am) or in the late afternoon is the best thing you can do. During these hours, it’s less hot, which makes being outdoors bearable. Insects: Mosquitoes can be annoying, but you can protect yourself against them.

What do you wear on an Everglades airboat tour?

We recommend you wear shorts, a t-shirt or blouse, and a pair of flip-flops or sandals. It rains frequently during the summer in Florida, and our airboat rides run rain or shine. You’ll want to keep a poncho on hand if you want to stay dry on your next Everglades airboat tour, or Everglades National Park airboat tour!

Will I get wet on an airboat?

A: No. You may feel a slight mist from the spray, but you will remain completely dry during the airboat ride.

What time is best to see alligators in Florida?

Because Florida summers reach peak temperatures during the afternoon, gators are more likely to sunbathe early in the morning or right around sunset. That’s because these times of day are a cool escape from the extreme midday heat.

Which entrance to Everglades is best?

If you want the opportunity to observe the heart of the everglades you can either enter through Shark Valley in Miami or the Main Entrance of the Park in Homestead. However, if you are looking to explore the Gulf Coast, then you should plan to take a boat trip at the Gulf Coast in Everglades City.

Is it worth going to the Everglades in Florida?

The Everglades are the only subtropical preserve in North America. The park is astoundingly diverse which is amazing considering there is pretty much no change in altitude. There are a lot of different plants you won’t find other places. Bird photographers enjoy the many eye-catching species.

What city in Florida is closest to the Everglades?

The closest city to Everglades National Park, FL, is Everglades city, located just a few minutes away by car. Here you can either stay at the luxury Port of the Islands Resort or the affordable Everglades Adventures Hotel if you are on a budget.

How do you prepare for the Everglades?

The Everglades is a flat, prairie-wetland, which means few trees and no shade, so this is more about personal comfort. Bring a mini battery-operated fan if you really want luxury. Wear comfortable hiking or walking shoes and leave your sandals and heels at home. Even boat and tram tours require some walking.