Best Florida Notary Bonding Agency

How much does a notary bond cost in Florida?

Florida law requires all online Notaries to purchase and maintain a $25,000 Notary surety bond. The bond is NOT insurance protection for Florida Notaries.

How much does a 7500 notary bond cost in Florida?

A $7,500, 4-year notary bond in the state of Florida costs $40 through Notary Public Underwriters.

What is the average notary fee in Florida?

The State of Florida allows notaries to charge $10.00 for each signature they notarize.

What is the most a notary can charge in Florida?

May I charge a fee for my Florida notary services? Yes. The state of Florida allows you to charge a maximum fee of $10.00 per notary act.

How do I get a notary bond in FL?

You can purchase your Florida Notary bond on its own or as part of an NNA Notary supply package. To purchase a Florida Notary supply package that includes your Notary bond, official Notary stamp, journal and everything you need to properly perform your duties, click on the Become or Renew buttons below.

Can a Florida notary charge per signature?

charge for a notarization? You can charge up to $10 per signature for general notarial acts like signatures, acknowledgments, verbal oaths, affirmations, and jurats. As a notary public you can also perform wedding ceremonies for Florida residents with marriage licenses which costs $30.

Does Florida require a notary stamp?

The use of a Notary stamp is required in Florida. Some Notaries use an embosser in addition to their Notary stamps for extra fraud protection, but it cannot be used as the sole official seal of a Florida Notary Public.

How long is a notary term in Florida?

How long does a Florida Notary commission last? Florida’s Notary commission term is four years.

Do Florida Notaries have a seal?

The Florida notary seal must be a rubber stamp with the words “Notary Public-State of Florida.” The stamp should also include the name of the notary public, the notary public’s commission expiration date, and their commission number.

Can I notarize my own documents in Florida?

Florida likes their notaries to be impartial to the information they are notarizing. You cannot notarize your own signature. Florida law denotes you cannot notarize for certain family members: spouse, son, daughter, mother, or father.