Best Gated Communities In St Petersburg Fl

Is St. Petersburg a good place to live in Florida?

St. Petersburg (along with Tampa) was named one of the best cities for job seekers in 2022. With Fortune 500 companies like Raymond James, HSN, and Jabil nearby, along with a growing list of startups, St.

Is it expensive to live in St. Petersburg Florida?

The cost of housing in St. Petersburg is lower than the U.S. national average. This applies even to cities close to St. Petersburg, including Tampa, FL, to the east of Tampa Bay, where home prices are around 3% higher on average.

What are the best gated communities in Tampa Florida for families?

Cordoba Estates– One of the Best Gated Communities in Florida. Grand Hampton – A Tampa Gated Community with Lifestyle Amenities. Culbreath Isles – One of Tampa’s Most Exclusive Gated Communities. Map of Gated Communities in Tampa.

What is St. Petersburg most expensive home?

An 8,234-square-foot mansion on Snell Isle in St. Petersburg sold for a record-breaking $13 million last week. The sale has not yet been recorded by the Pinellas County Property Appraiser.

Is St. Petersburg safer than Tampa?

Petersburg crime rate is 3,805 total crimes per 100,000 people with 595 violent crimes and 3,210 property crimes per capita. When you compare crime in Tampa versus St. Petersburg, Tampa definitely comes out ahead with 61% less crime!

Should I move to Clearwater or St. Petersburg?

If your vacation plans are largely centered around the resort and beach time, Clearwater would be the clear choice. Clearwater Beach has more to do within walking distance with easy accessibility on the promenade. If you are looking to explore, St Pete Beach has better accessibility to Tampa and downtown St Petersburg.

What is the rich area of St. Petersburg?

Causeway Isles The neighborhood features St. Petersburg waterfront homes, panoramic views, and unbeatable deepwater access. Residents only need to take a five-minute drive down Treasure Island Causeway to be dazzled by the bars, cafes, and restaurants lining nearby Treasure Island Beach.

What salary do you need to live in St. Petersburg FL?

According to the living wage calculator, the average single Floridian needs to make at least $17.72 an hour, or $36,848 a year before taxes in order to make a livable wage. Floridians living in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metro area need to make a little more — $17.89 or $37,215 — before taxes to get by.

Is St. Petersburg FL good for families?

St. Petersburg and Clearwater are family-friendly destinations with pristine beaches and fun activities that kids and adults alike can enjoy. You can check out go-karting as well as cruises, but the area is mostly known for its beachfront and theme parks when it comes to family-friendly activities.

Is it worth it to live in a gated community?

Homeowners in gated communities have a greater sense of security and privacy, for good reasons. While no community is crime-free, gated communities offer a barrier between residents and the outside world.