Best Goliath Grouper Fishing In Florida

Where is the best goliath grouper fishing in Florida?

Even though Stuart, Florida, is known as the world’s sailfish capital, it is also the perfect place to fish for goliath grouper. This fishing destination offers inshore and deep-sea fishing opportunities not only for goliath grouper but also for a variety of tropical fish species.

Where is the best place for grouper fishing in Florida?

The Florida Keys. One of the best places to catch Grouper in Florida is the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are actually around 1,700 islands that border both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. This gives them the added bonus of being able to fish on both sides of the state.

Can you legally catch goliath grouper in Florida?

First, it was overfished — the goliath is easy to catch, living in known locations and spawning at specific spots. Florida’s new regulation prohibits catching the fish at spawning sites and during spawning season.

Where is the best grouper fishing?

The best fishing destinations to fish for grouper are the Florida Keys, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canary Islands, Gibraltar Straits, Madagascar, Seychelles, Andaman Islands and Australia.

Where is the world record goliath grouper?

World Record Goliath Grouper Catches. As of 2021, the largest Goliath Grouper recorded caught in the wild is 680 pounds on the Southern coast of Florida.

What is the best month to catch grouper?

The best time of year to fish for gag grouper in the shallows would be from October through the end of the season in December, however, they can be caught all year long. Since these fish are so strong on their initial run we use extremely heavy tackle to keep them out of the structure and into your cooler.

What is the hardest fish to catch in Florida?

Blue marlin Inarguably the most prized sport fish, the blue marlin is a formidable foe. It’s massive, difficult to find, and will put up an enormous fight. These 800-pound acrobatic beasts have hard mouths, making the hook difficult to set, and their bills are a force to be reckoned with.

What time of year is best for grouper in Florida?

Grouper are one of the most popular gamefish in Florida coastal waters. Knowing the best time to come visit Florida and chase these moster brawlers can make all the difference in the world. Generally speaking, the best time to catch grouper is from May to October.

What is the biggest grouper in Florida?

Goliath grouper is the largest of the Atlantic groupers. This giant can reach 800 pounds (455 kg) and over 8 feet (2 meters) in length. The Florida record is a 680-pound goliath grouper caught off Fernandina Beach in 1961.

Can you eat a goliath grouper?

Generally, goliath grouper does not present any more health risks when eaten raw than other raw fish—salmon, tuna, or swordfish. However, it’s best to eat goliath grouper after it’s been cooked because the muscle is quite tough. Cooking tenderizes the meat and makes it much more enjoyable.