Best Gynecomastia Surgeon In Florida

What is the average cost of gynecomastia surgery in Florida?

Gynecomastia Cost The cost of a gynecomastia at our facility is $5,700-all inclusive.

Which doctor is best for gynecomastia?

What Kind of Doctor Should Treat my Gynecomastia? The best kind of doctor to treat your gynecomastia by way of gynecomastia surgery is a plastic surgeon.

Who is the best gynecomastia surgeon in the US?

Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in USA. Meet Dr. Elliot Jacobs, a Florida based board-certified plastic surgeon who has completed over 5,000 gynecomastia surgeries on US & Canadian patients.

What is the best age for gynecomastia surgery?

Males will continue to develop and grow until the age of 18. This is the reason why in general male patients are recommended to consider surgery until this age.

Can gyno come back after surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is a permanent cosmetic procedure meaning the excised fat and glandular tissue will not grow back. However, it is important to note that regrowth of excess tissue may occur if patients lead an unhealthy lifestyle or as a result of certain drug use and medication post-surgery.

Is gyno surgery worth it?

Yes, gyno surgery can be worth it, as long as you have realistic expectations, are in good physical health, and are at a healthy weight.

Is there a pill for gynecomastia?

Tamoxifen, an estrogen antagonist, is effective for recent-onset and tender gynecomastia when used in doses of 10-20 mg twice daily. Up to 80% of patients report partial to complete resolution. Tamoxifen is typically used for 3 months before referral to a surgeon.

Which is the best gyno surgery in India?

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Their dedicated facility is recognized among the best gynecomastia surgery hospital in India. It is one of India’s most advanced facilities for gynecomastia surgery.

Does taking testosterone fix gynecomastia?

In men who have low T, treatment with testosterone replacement therapy can resolve gynecomastia.

Which bodybuilders had gynecomastia?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is another bodybuilder celebrity with gynecomastia. He also used steroids during his bodybuilding years which is now known to create serious hormone imbalances sometimes resulting in the formation of excess breast tissue.