Best Home Services Fort Myers Florida

Is Fort Myers a nice area to live?

In many ways, the city of Fort Myers remains a hidden gem in a state full of popular and well-known spots. Still, the incredible growth of recent years tells the tale of what it does have: an affordable cost of living, a beautiful natural environment and climate, a strong job market, and so much more.

Who owns Best Home Services?

Chadd Hodges – Owner – Best Home Services | LinkedIn.

Is Fort Myers a nice part of Florida?

Thinking of moving to Fort Myers? This Florida Gulf Coast city is a great place to live, thanks to its budget-friendly housing, excellent weather, beach access, incredible restaurants, and more.

Is Fort Myers a small town?

Fort Myers (or Ft. Myers) is a city in and the county seat and commercial center of Lee County, Florida, United States. The Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program calculated that the city’s population was 92,245 in 2021, ranking the city the 370th-most-populous in the country.

Is it expensive to live in Fort Myers?

Cost of Living in Fort Myers, Florida by Expense Category Fort Myers’s housing expenses are 18% higher than the national average and the utility prices are 3% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 8% higher than the national average.

Why is Fort Myers so cheap?

Fort Myers also features numerous museums, art galleries, and amusement parks, so you’ll always be able to find something to see or do. The cost of living tends to be fairly affordable in Fort Myers, thanks in large part to the fact that residents don’t have to pay state income taxes.

What is the revenue of best home services?

Best Home Services’s estimated annual revenue is currently $29M per year.( i) Best Home Services’s estimated revenue per employee is $305,263. Best Home Services’s total funding is $0.1M.

Is Fort Myers Florida affordable?

Considered one of the five most affordable places to live in Florida, Fort Myers’ small-town feel endears it to its residents. With its many affordable housing options and low cost of living, Fort Myers has quickly become one of the most desired places to live in the Sunshine State.

Is Fort Myers or Naples better?

Both cities ranked high on the U.S. World News Report Best Places to Retire (Fort Myers #2 and Naples #4), and in 2020, Fort Myers was ranked as the #1 Fastest-Growing City in the U.S. by WalletHub.

How far is Fort Myers from the beach?

Fort Myers Beach is big draw for travelers visiting the area. Located on Estero Island, it is the closest – and most popular – beach spot to downtown Fort Myers, though it is a roughly 20-mile drive south.