Best Hotels Near Busch Gardens Tampa

How long should I spend at Busch Gardens Tampa?

The length of time through the park will depend on what you stop, see and do. If you are talking about just walking through the park without any stops, it will probably take about an hour and a half. To totally enjoy the park, plan on spending at least 4 to 6 hours.

Is one day enough at Busch Gardens Tampa?

All areas of Busch Gardens can be done in one day if you have a plan.

What is the best time of year to go to Busch Gardens Tampa?

The best month to visit Busch Gardens Tampa is February. This is the time before the spring and summer season kicks into full gear.

How far is Tampa Marriott Water Street from Busch Gardens?

Beautiful redesigned waterfront hotel in Tampa’s dynamic downtown just 10 miles from the parks.

Why is Busch Gardens Tampa so expensive?

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay charges $104.99 per person per day. For that money, theme park tourists enjoy roughly 25 attractions, eight of which are roller coasters. There are also a series of animal encounters, which is the likely culprit for the high ticket prices. Upkeep charges are substantial.

How much walking is Busch Gardens Tampa?

Walking Trail #1 is 1.2 miles and takes about a half hour.

What day is Busch Gardens least busy?

The least busy day at Busch Gardens is typically Mondays and Tuesdays. Most guests plan their vacations around the weekends due to school & work schedules, which frees up the park during the weekdays.

How do I get the best day at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Pack Light. As with most theme parks, Busch Gardens Tampa does not allow bags on most rides. Arrive Early. Dress Appropriately. Park Near the Tram. Decide the Theme of Your Day. Grab a Map. Consider Purchasing an All Day Dining Pass. Visit the Animals First.

Can you leave Busch Gardens Tampa and come back in?

Please stop by our exit attendant to have your hand stamped for re-entry into the park later in the day. As for parking, you would only need to keep your parking receipt to show to our tolls attendant.

What are the longest rides at Busch Gardens?

This triple launch roller coaster carries riders high above the park, then races down along the ground through a rocky gorge. At a length of 4,400 feet, Cheetah Hunt® is the park’s longest thrill ride attraction!