Best Liveaboard Marinas In Florida

Can you live on your boat in a marina in Florida?

You can pick pretty much any marina in the world and live there. So long as you can afford the Marina fees, you should have no trouble at all. Once you are sure that living full time on your boat is for you, there comes the big question.

Can you live on a yacht in a marina?

Most marinas require an application for you to move aboard permanently. In some areas, liveaboards aren’t permitted or there are long waiting lists. Liveaboard slip fees are usually higher and your insurance rates may increase if your boat becomes your primary residence.

What is considered a liveaboard in Florida?

In Florida, the law defines liveaboards as persons who stay aboard their vessels for 10 days out of any 30 calendar days. Those days do not need to be contiguous. That is the *only* definition under Florida Law.

What is the best type of boat to live on?

Catamarans. The double-hull structure of catamarans not only offers exceptional stability in rough waters but also spacious separate living spaces. Trawler. Canal Boat. Converted Barges. Houseboat.

Where do most boat owners live?

Florida, Texas and Virginia are top boat states. These three account for nine of the top 10 cities in our study. They all have ample open water, warm weather and relatively low taxes on boats.

Is it cheaper to live on a boat in Florida?

Here are some of the benefits of living on a boat in Florida: Low Cost of Living: With houseboats, the cost is significantly lower than living on land, making this an attractive option for those on a budget. Beautiful Locations: Florida has some of the most beautiful places to explore while living on a boat.

What is a good size boat to live on?

Experts in this area recommend a yacht that is at least 30 feet long for one or two residents and 50 feet or more for families or those who want excess space. When choosing a yacht to live on, you must consider how much room you will need to accommodate the items that you need.

What is the smallest yacht you can live on?

For a sailboat to be considered as a liveaboard, it needs to be at least 30ft. Anything smaller and the boat will be cramped for anyone other than a solo sailor. However, the larger the boat, the greater the cost of ownership. The ideal size sailboat to live on would be 35-45 feet for most people.

What are the benefits of living on a boat?

Affordability. The cost of living on a boat is considerably less than in a traditional home. Eco-friendly. Lifestyle. Hard work. Practicality of day-to-day life. Safety and security.

How long can a boat stay in Florida?

If the boat is 5 net tons of admeasurement or larger, the purchaser may obtain a set of Florida Department of Revenue boat decals, which authorize the boat to remain in Florida waters up to 90 days after the purchase. This period may be extended to 180 days with the purchase of a 90-day extension decal.