Best Medical Marijuanas Dispensary In Florida

What are the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida?

Trulieve is the largest medical cannabis company in Florida, controlling approximately 51% of the state’s market.

What medical marijuana products are available in Florida?

The State of Florida currently permits two types of medical cannabis (medical marijuana) treatments for qualified patients: Low-THC Medical Cannabis and THC-Containing Medical Cannabis. The active ingredient of low-THC medical cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD).

Is Florida medical marijuana friendly?

Consumption of recreational cannabis of any quantity is illegal in Florida. Persons with a qualifying medical condition may consume medical marijuana. However, consumption of medical marijuana must take place within a private residence. The cultivation of marijuana is illegal in Florida.

How much is Florida medical marijuana fee?

What is the State Fee for Getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card? The Florida Department of Health will issue a patient’s medical marijuana card for $75, which can be paid in cash or by credit card.

What is the daily limit for Florida medical marijuana?

Under the rule, patients’ daily THC doses are restricted to 60 mg for edibles; 350 mg for vaporization; 200 mg for capsules and tinctures; 190 mg for sublingual tinctures; 190 mg for suppositories; and 150 mg for topicals.

Is medical marijuana cash only in Florida?

Marijuana is one of the newest drugs approved for medical treatment in Florida, but there’s only one way someone can pay for it – cash. Unlike other drugs that can be picked up at a pharmacy, patients have to go to a licensed dispensary to purchase medical marijuana.

Can I use my Florida medical marijuana in other states?

It is illegal for medical marijuana patients to take their medicine out of state, even if it is to another state where medical marijuana is legal. The medicine cannot cross state lines.

Can non Florida residents get medical marijuana?

As it turns out, according to the law, you only need to have resided in the state for 31 days to be eligible. Which means that snowbirds can benefit from the effects of medical marijuana with a Florida medical marijuana card.

Can you get a carry permit if you have a medical marijuana card in Florida?

The short answer is, yes! Adults with a medical marijuana card who meet the requirements outlined in Florida Statute 790.06 are eligible to conceal a firearm – most recently, without having to obtain a permit.

How much medical marijuana can you get a month in Florida?

Marijuana is only considered “medical” if it is purchased at one of the registered and licensed Florida dispensaries. Currently, there are over 200 dispensaries statewide. As we mentioned above, medical cardholders in Florida can purchase 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower every 35 days.