Best One Day Cruise To Bahamas From Miami

Is there a day cruise from Miami to Bahamas?

You’ll find many companies that can take you on a Miami to the Bahamas day trip by boat, with the most popular destination port being Freeport, New Providence. An advantage to this mode of travel is that many of the cruises offer excellent onboard services and even luxury.

What cruise line goes Miami to Bahamas?

Royal Caribbean International. Celebrity Cruises. Silversea.

How long does it take to cruise from Miami to Bahamas?

How long is the boat from Miami to Bahamas trip? The ferry boat that makes the route from Miami to Grand Bahama (to the port of Freeport) takes between 3 and 4 hours. To get to the island of Bimini in the direct fast boat from Balearia it takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Can you take a day cruise to the Bahamas?

One Day Bahamas Cruise – Discovery Cruises A one day cruise at It’s the best, most economical way to travel to Freeport Grand Bahamas. Grand Bahama home to the cities of Freeport and Lucaya, with a faster pace and a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than the Old World sophistication of Nassau.

Can you take a one day cruise to the Bahamas without a passport?

If you want to cruise to the Bahamas As long as you’re on a closed-loop cruise, you’ll be able to skip the passport in favor of other government-issued IDs. However, depending on your cruise’s itinerary and the destinations you’ll visit, you may be subject to different regulations.

Can you get on a cruise same day?

In actuality, most cruise lines will sell available cabins through the day before sailing, but limit or deny same-day bookings. Depending on the line, you may only be able to book cruises within a day or two of departure directly with the cruise line’s reservations department.

What is the best way to travel from Miami to the Bahamas?

Miami to Nassau Ferry You will need to take a shuttle or drive to Fort Lauderdale, about 30 minutes from Miami, to catch this ferry. The ferry trip from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini in The Bahamas takes about 2 hours, and one-way tickets cost around $100.

Do I need a passport for a cruise from Miami to Bahamas?

If you are a US citizen, you can take a “closed-loop cruise” (one that begins and ends at the same port) to The Bahamas without a passport. Instead, you’ll need to present another proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID.

What is the best month to cruise to Bahamas?

Verdict: The Best Month to Cruise to the Bahamas is January. While you might want to exercise additional caution during the months of hurricane season (June through early November), the Bahamas is a great destination to cruise year-round.

What is the closest Bahama island to Miami?

Good to know: Bimini, the westernmost island of The Bahamas is the nearest of these islands to Miami, Florida.