Best Places To Elope Florida

How much does it cost to elope in Florida?

How to elope in Florida legally. You will need to apply for your marriage license. You will be able to do this online for a fee of approximately $85.

Is it easy to elope in Florida?

To apply for a marriage license, you’ll need your driver’s license or state ID. Both people must be present. Florida does not require blood test or medical exams. Once you have your marriage license, you can elope literally anywhere in Florida within 60 days!!

Where can I elope in Florida not on the beach?

Rock Springs, Apopka. If you want to elope somewhere with crystal clear water but aren’t a fan of the beach, then Rock Springs might be the perfect place for your elopement! There are plenty of rocky formations along the spring that provide the perfect location for saying “I do”.

Where is the easiest place to elope?

Alabama – if you’re considering an Alabama elopement, check out this comprehensive guide! Arkansas. Colorado. Connecticut. Washington D.C. Florida. Idaho. Illinois.

Can foreigners get married in Florida?

International Residents: Bride and Groom must have a valid photo passport. If either party is from a foreign country and not a U.S. citizen, alien registration documentation, or other proof which contains an alien registration number is acceptable to obtain a marriage license.

What month is the cheapest to get married in Florida?

The Least Expensive Time of Year to Get Married – February and December are the most in-demand months to tie the knot thanks to Valentine’s Day and Christmas season. Therefore, the cheapest months for your wedding would be in the summertime, (June to September).

How do non US citizens get married in Florida?

An individual who is not a U.S. citizen may provide an “alien registration number” or another form of identification, such as a U.S. driver’s license number or foreign passport. There is a fee of $93.50 for obtaining a marriage license. This can be reduced by completing a licensed pre-marital counseling course.

Can tourists get married in Florida?

To get married in Florida, visiting couples need only go together to the nearest clerk of the circuit court office to obtain a marriage license. Marriage licenses are good for 60 days.

What is high elopement risk?

Increasing Elopement Risks Residents who have eloped may be exposed to extreme heat or cold. They may suffer a fall when walking over uneven or unfamiliar territory. Additionally, they may suffer injuries or death as a result of wandering into traffic or bodies of water, or as a result of exposure to inclement weather.

Do you need witnesses to elope in Florida?

Your next step is finding an officiant, as well as someone to sign saying that they witnessed the elopement. While a witness is technically not required, Florida does recommend it in case there is ever a question about the legitimacy of the marriage.