Best Pompeii And Vesuvius Tour From Naples

Can you do Pompeii and Vesuvius in same day?

Can you do Pompeii and Vesuvius in one day? Absolutely! Our guide will show you how. When planning our day trip to Pompeii from Naples, we were delighted to find out that it was possible to include an ascent of Mount Vesuvius.

Is Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius worth visiting?

Today, Pompeii and the crater of Mount Vesuvius are both extremely popular tourist attractions in Italy and are absolutely unmissable if you’re going to be stopping anywhere near Naples on your trip.

Is it best to buy Pompeii tickets in advance?

The official ticket offices of the Pompeii Archaeological Park are located only within the archaeological area, at the entrances Porta Marina, Piazza Anfiteatro and Piazza Esedra. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance to speed up entry to the Archaeological Park.

Is Pompeii in Naples worth visiting?

If you’re in Naples or on the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii is a must-visit attraction that no one should miss. This massive archeological site is the best way to glimpse the daily life of ancient Romans. We highly recommend taking a Pompeii tour to fully appreciate the history here.

How long should I spend at Mt Vesuvius?

FAQ – Mount Vesuvius National Park It takes about three hours to visit Mount Vesuvius, considering departing from the ticket office on foot up the trail to the crater rim. We suggest putting aside at least half a day, including transportation to the ticket office and the hike.

Is it worth climbing Mount Vesuvius?

If you’re wondering if it is worth hiking Mount Vesuvius, I’m here to tell you that, yes it is definitely worth it and should be one of the top things you do on your visit to the area. The good news is that Mount Vesuvius is only a short distance away from Naples so it’s an easy day trip.

How do I get from Naples to Mount Vesuvius?

Take the Circumvesuviana train line from Naples (underground of the main railway station) and get off at Herculaneum or Pompeii Scavi. Once in Herculaneum, take the shuttle bus named Vesuvio Express right in front of the station: it will take you to Mount Vesuvius in 20 minutes at the cost of 10 euros.

Can I do Pompeii without a tour?

Short answer: no, you don’t. You can easily explore Pompeii on your own with the maps provided at the ticket office and with your phone. And there are plenty of signs around the site that tell you about the city. Plus, when you see a group following a tour guide, you realise you really don’t want to be part of that.

Which Pompeii entrance is better?

Porta Marina is the top entrance choice for visitors to Pompeii. It is opposite the Pompeii Scavi train station and offers access to several facilities, including shops to buy souvenirs, information kiosks, etc.

Which is better Pompeii or Herculaneum?

Herculaneum is much better preserved than Pompeii In Herculaneum, the town was buried almost instantly in hot ash. The buildings in Herculaneum are much better preserved than those in Pompeii; many of them have their upper floors still intact, and a couple even have their original wooden balcony.