Best Tamper For Gaggia Classic Pro

Does a 58.5 mm tamper fit Gaggia Classic Pro?

A: The 58.5 tamper fits my Gaggia Classic Pro Filter just right, no coffee grains left on sid…

Does the Gaggia Classic Pro come with a tamp?

The Classic Pro comes with a double shot pressurized filter basket, single shot commercial basket, double shot commercial basket, a tamper, and a coffee scoop. When you use the pressurized basket, be sure to put the two-way pin in the bottom of your portafilter before putting the basket back in.

What size is Gaggia classic tamper?

The Gaggia Logo Wood Tamper is premium 58 mm flat tamper with a stainless base and soft Ashwood handle.

What size tamper is best?

The ideal tamper should be slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the portafilter basket so that the tamper does not bind while compressing grounds – essentially there should be a little extra space between tamper and basket.

How do I know my tamper size?

The best method to identify correct tamper size is to measure the exact inside diameter of your filter basket using machinist calipers, then select a tamper slightly smaller than this measurement.

Does tamper size matter?

Size Matters, so choose your tamp head wisely! In order to get the best possible tamp for your coffee basket, you will need to ensure that the gap between the walls of your filter basket and the tamp head are kept to a minimum.

Why is Gaggia at 15 bars?

Pressure: First of all, the pressure of the machine is too high. It’s set to 15 bars from the factory. It’s made this way so that the device will give a better result with a pressurized basket. If you use a single wall basket, it becomes more of a problem – especially if you want to use a naked portafilter.

What pressure is Gaggia Classic Pro?

The Classic Pro out-of-the-box pushes around 14 bar through your coffee. Too much to make good espresso with freshly ground coffee which requires 9 bar.

How long will Gaggia Classic last?

It needs cleaning, descaling and servicing. If it’s looked after, I reckon a Gaggia Classic or Gaggia Classic Pro could last 10-20 years making good quality espresso. There’s lots of other tips for making good espresso and they already exist.

How do I choose a good tamper?

A good tamper means lightweight metal and the size of Portafilter is correct for your tamping. By the way, you have more baskets to handle if you are busy for barista job, better you can get more tampers or you can use a convex tamper.