Best Termite And Pest Control Tampa

Are termites common in Tampa Florida?

Tampa and St. Petersburg have a particularly dense population of West Indian drywood termites, one of the most destructive species in the U.S. Orkin, a national pest control company, estimates these wood-chewing insects cause $5 billion in damage nationwide every year.

Is pest control effective for termites?

They can also be effective on flying pests that land of treated areas. However, general pest control treatments have no effect on Subterranean Termites in their protective mud tubes and underground colonies.

What termite treatment is most effective?

Taurus SC: Most Popular. Bifen XTS: Best Fast-acting. Spectracide Terminate: Best Bait. Termidor Foam: Best Direct Chemical Treatment. BioAdvanced Termite Killer: Best for DIY.

Is termite protection worth it in Florida?

These insects thrive in our warm environment, and Florida has become home to several invasive species that can cause significant damage in a shorter period of time, compared with native subterranean termites. Subterranean termite protection should be high on your list of home-maintenance priorities.

How long does termite treatment last in Florida?

Homeowners should have their home inspected annually for termites as a method of prevention. Termite treatments last anywhere from 5 to 13 years depending on the type of treatment used and any signs of current activity.

Do termites in Florida fly?

Dampwood termites swarm in Florida from late Spring to early Winter. Their flights occur at dusk or night and can get into homes when doors or windows are open at night with light attracting them into the house.

How do I keep termites away in Florida?

Remove sources of excess moisture. Fix leaky faucets and broken pipes. Declutter your home. Clean up your yard. Remove any piles of wood in or near the home. Place infested items in the sun.

Are termites a big problem in Florida?

Termites Cause More Damage than Floods, Fires and Hurricanes Combined. That seems like an unbelievable statistic, but when you think about the fact that here in Florida we have an average of 3-5 termite colonies per acre of land, it’s not surprising really.

Can termites be permanently removed?

While you cannot get rid of termites permanently from the environment, you can help prevent them from taking root in your home and control any active colonies nearby. Although it may be tempting to try termite control yourself, prevention and treatment is best left to the professionals.

What kills termites naturally?

Combining half a cup of vinegar with the juice of two lemons creates an effective, acidic spray that is safer than boric acid but also kills termites. This solution is also ideal for soaking into any damaged areas of the wood to clear cracks of termites.