Best Way To Get From Sorrento To Naples Airport

How to transfer from Sorrento to Napoli airport?

The Curreri Viaggi bus is the cheapest way to travel between the Naples Capodichino airport and Sorrento, as well as the most convenient since it is the only direct airport shuttle service.

Is there a metro to Naples Airport?

Naples’ Capodichino Metro: station between the international airport and the city center – We Build Value.

What is the easiest way to get from Naples to Sorrento?

Naples to Sorrento: By Ferry. If you’re a lover of the sea and want to start your holiday with the sensation of the Neapolitan’s sea breeze on your face the ferry is the best choice for you! The ferry is also the fastest and easiest way to reach the Sorrento Coast, as you’ll skip any kind of delay with traffic.

Is Uber available in Naples?

Uber is not available in Naples, Lecce, Pisa, Florence, Palermo, Verona, Bari, Genoa, Amalfi and Positano. If you plan to tour these cities or towns, you will need to resort to more traditional methods of transport – and regular taxis are always available.

How much is taxi from Sorrento to Naples airport?

The quickest way to get from Sorrento to Naples Airport (NAP) is to taxi which costs €190 – €230 and takes 54 min.

How much is train from Sorrento to Naples?

The first train is at 6.09 AM and the last is at 9.47 PM, trains run every 30 minutes and a one way ticket costs € 4,90 per person. The ticket can be easily bought at the station’s ticket office without having to prebook; credit cards are not accepted.

Is there a train to Naples Italy airport?

Trains from Naples to Naples International Airport cover the 4 miles (6 km) long trip. There are direct train services available.

Do trains go to Naples Airport?

Passengers arriving at Naples Airport will find various forms of land transport available, including bus and taxi services. There is no train station on the airport grounds, but travelers can easily reach train connections via the bus services available.

How early should I get to Naples Airport?

The general guidance is to arrive at Naples International at least two hours before scheduled departure for a shorthaul flight and three hours before departure for a longhaul flight.

How do I get from Sorrento to Naples with luggage?

The Campania Express is a special train that follows the Circumvesuviana line between Naples and Sorrento, stopping at just a few stations and taking about 30 minutes less to make the trip than the regular trains. These special trains have guaranteed seating, air conditioning, and space for luggage.