Can You See Spacex Launch From Fort Lauderdale?

Can I see space launch from Fort Lauderdale?

You can sometimes see some version of a nighttime launch from here in Ft. Lauderdale, but as Ken said everything has to be ideal for it to be seen. I think I have remembered to watch and seen two in all the many years I’ve lived here and neither was as exciting as I expected it to be- to be perfectly honest.

Where in Florida can you see SpaceX launch?

Best Place to Watch The Rocket Launch in Florida: Port Canaveral. Port Canaveral is located just south of Kennedy Space Center and offers great spots for Cape Canaveral launch viewing.

Where is the best place to view SpaceX launch?

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex provides the closest public viewing of rocket launches with live launch commentary from space experts.

Can I see a SpaceX launch from Boca Raton?

For SpaceX fans wanting to see for themselves, the problem was the remoteness of the location. Boca Chica is nowhere near anywhere. No chance of slipping a visit innocently into a family summer vacation.