Did It Rain Yesterday In Fort Lauderdale And Davie?

What was the temperature yesterday in Fort Lauderdale?

High: 51.8ºf @5:55 AM Low: 48.02ºf @2:53 AM Approx. Precipitation / Rain Total: 0.03 in. 1hr.

What was the temperature in Fort Lauderdale today?

Sunshine and clouds mixed. High around 75F. Winds ENE at 10 to 20 mph.

How cold does it get in Davie FL?

Average Temperature in Davie The cool season lasts for 2.9 months, from December 7 to March 4, with an average daily high temperature below 78°F. The coldest month of the year in Davie is January, with an average low of 60°F and high of 75°F.

Why is the toilet water yellow in Fort Lauderdale?

The color problem is connected to city’s main Fiveash Water Treatment Plant, built in the 1950s, which is on its last legs and needs to be replaced soon. The city’s smaller Peele-Dixie plant, which underwent an extensive rehabilitation project a decade ago, produces clear water.

What is the safest city in Fort Lauderdale?

Coral Ridge. Imperial Point. Rio Vista. Tarpon River. Victoria Park.

What salary do you need to live in Fort Lauderdale?

Experts agree that you want to maintain about a 5 to 1 home price to income ratio. Based on the median home price of $334,000, a good salary in Fort Lauderdale would be $66,800.

What is the rainiest month in Fort Lauderdale?

On average, Fort Lauderdale’s warmest months are July and August while January is the coolest month, and the maximum average rainfall usually falls in June.

Why is Fort Lauderdale famous?

Fort Lauderdale is famous for its beaches, arts, culture, and events. From shopping on Las Olas Boulevard to gondola rides on the canals, to a historic riverfront, this is the “Venice of America.” Along Las Olas Boulevard, shopping, dining, and the historic districts.

Are there alligators in Davie Florida?

Town of Davie parks may be home to wildlife. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid the water’s edge. Alligators, snakes and other animals live in these areas.

What is Davie Florida known for?

Welcome to Cowboy Town, USA! The Town of Davie is a dynamic and unique community with a rich agricultural heritage. Davie offers its residents and visitors tranquil walking trails, peaceful equestrian trails, educational institutions, retail, entertainment, and more!