Do Fort Lauderdale Hotels Charge Extra For Spring Break?

Do people still go to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break?

Fort Lauderdale is a perennial favorite for Spring Break visitors, despite efforts by the city to quell the debauchery of past years.

Where do spring breakers go in Ft Lauderdale?

Nothing. And Fort Lauderdale has 23 miles of beaches for you to flop down your beach towel and raise up your umbrella and enjoy. The hub of the spring break activity is clustered around the landmark beach bar, Elbo room, and spreads out for miles in either direction.

Is Fort Lauderdale or Miami better for Spring Break?

Fort Lauderdale provides a better beach experience than Miami. Fort Lauderdale offers stunning beaches that attract visitors from around the world. With seven miles of beautiful sandy beaches, a fun boardwalk, and impressive views, the beaches here are among the best in the area.

Do college students go to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break?

With miles of beautiful beaches, thousands of students from across the U.S., and some of Florida’s hottest nightlife, Fort Lauderdale is a Spring Breaker’s dream. In Fort Lauderdale, beachfront hotels come with a college student’s price tag making it one of the most popular destinations for Spring Break.