Does Dexter Go Back To Miami?

What happened to Dexter in Miami?

Nearly a decade after America’s favorite fictional serial killer disappeared into a Miami hurricane in the original series finale, in New Blood it is revealed that Dexter was alive and well living in Iron Lake, NY under the alias Jim Lindsay.

Did Dexter get caught in Miami?

In Dexter: New Blood’s finale, Angela arrests Dexter for the murder of Matt Caldwell. With Dexter behind bars, Angela contacts Miami Metro Sergeant Angel Batista (David Zayas) to inform him that his old co-worker is actually alive and well.

Where does Dexter go after faking his death?

Spoiler Alert For anyone who is still chuffed about the 2013 series finale of the Showtime drama Dexter — which saw well-intentioned serial killer Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) fake his death and depart for Oregon — how are you feeling about the finale of its revival, Dexter: New Blood?

Does Deb go back to Miami Metro?

Dexter gives Angel Batista his two weeks notice, and tells Debra he’s moving to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison. Clayton learns that Dexter is leaving Miami. Debra returns to Miami Metro and rekindles her relationship with Quinn, who has broken up with Jamie.

Why did Dexter stop filming in Miami?

Before the production moved west to Los Angeles, California, due to an active hurricane season in Florida, the first few seasons featured actual places around Miami. Here are our top 10 sites you can visit to create your own “Dexter” tour. Renting a Ford car (Dexter Morgan’s make of choice) is completely optional.

Does Dexter leave Miami with Hannah?

Dexter leaves Harrison with Hannah at a hotel and then goes to see Debra. At the hospital, the doctor (Amy Pietz) informs Dexter that she is optimistic Debra will recover. Debra tells Dexter to go live a happy life, free of guilt. Meanwhile, Saxon makes his way to the hospital.

Do they find out Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher?

When she stole Dexter’s GPS and located the remote cabin, Doakes revealed that Dexter was The Bay Harbor Butcher and begged her to free him.

Who takes the fall for the Bay Harbor Butcher?

When Doakes hid Dexter’s blood slides in his car, he unintentionally set himself up as the killer. After Doakes died in a blaze, his body and the dismembered body of a criminal were found near each other. The police viewed this as conclusive evidence that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Do they know Dexter’s a serial killer?

He’s found to be a serial killer by Paul Bennett, almost discovered when he kills the couple in season 1, Doakes, Miguel Prado, the police when they find the body bags in the ocean (though it isn’t traced back to him), his sister, LaGuerta, and Vogel.

Does Dexter have a happy ending?

“Dexter is dead.” That’s right: Dexter Morgan, who started a new life in upstate Iron Lake, New York, posing as regular guy Jim Lindsay, lay fully deceased in a pool of his own blood at the end of Sunday’s finale, “Sins of the Father,” that puts this chapter of the franchise to rest permanently.