Does Fort Lauderdale Have Good Snorkeling?

Can you go snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale?

The Best Places to Try Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling A straight swim out from the Vista Park Beach in Fort Lauderdale is a magnificent coral reef. The Vista Park Reef is located about 1,000 feet from the shore. The water depth in this area is between eight and 20 feet, making it a popular spot for divers, as well.

Does Fort Lauderdale have coral reefs?

Just as Broward County’s beaches attract visitors, the ocean environment draws diving and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world and Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to part of the only coral reef in the continental United States.

Which side of Florida has better snorkeling?

Most of the best snorkeling in Florida can be found in the Florida Keys, but there are notable exceptions on the East Coast. You can even snorkel in Florida’s natural springs that are further north, as their waters are 72 degrees all year. Remember that the coral reefs you will see are protected.

Where is the best snorkeling in Florida?

A Family Fun Boat Tour Company. Bahia Honda State Park. Bathtub Reef Beach. Biscayne National Park. Coastline Dolphin & Snorkeling Excursions. Best Snorkeling in Florida: Coral Cove Park. Snorkeling in Florida: Dry Tortugas National Park. Famous Bird’s Underwater Manatee Dive Center.

Is Fort Lauderdale Beach water clear?

Is the water clear in Fort Lauderdale, FL? The water in Fort Lauderdale is typically crystal clear. This is due to the nearby Gulf Stream, a major ocean current which brings warm blue water from the Gulf of Mexico close to Fort Lauderdale Beach.

What is Fort Lauderdale Beach known for?

One of the World’s Premier Beachfronts The City’s award-winning wavewall and signature beachfront promenade highlight Fort Lauderdale’s world famous coastline, which is punctuated by an array of shops, restaurants, sidewalk cafes and entertainment venues.

Can you see manatees in Fort Lauderdale?

Manatee Season at Port Everglades Manatee season officially runs from November 15 through March 31. Manatees scatter around Port Everglades and within the Dania Cutoff Canal, which has a warm water source at the Lauderdale Power Plant cooling lakes.

Why is the water yellow in Fort Lauderdale?

The color problem is connected to city’s main Fiveash Water Treatment Plant, built in the 1950s, which is on its last legs and needs to be replaced soon. The city’s smaller Peele-Dixie plant, which underwent an extensive rehabilitation project a decade ago, produces clear water.

How deep is the reef at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea?

Located only a few hundred feet from shore, the reefs off Lauderdale by the Sea features an average depth of 10-15 feet and a max depth of 25 feet. On a calm day, Lauderdale by the Sea is an excellent spot for divers of all experience levels.

What time of year is best for snorkeling in Florida?

The best months for snorkelling are April until August. To avoid the crowds; April and May are great. It is still not too hot, the water is clearer, and accommodations are not as expensive as in the summertime.