Does The Wynwood Allow Guinea Pigs?

Can I take my guinea pig everywhere I go?

Guinea pigs can get stressed easily in new surrounding, new sounds/smells so I recommend keep the trips with piggy to a minimum. At Home: The best option for your piggy is really to be at home in his secure cage with all the things he loves, hidey holes, food, hay and water.

Can I take my guinea pig on a road trip?

If you’re travelling by car, it’s best to put the carrier in the footwell so it is stabilised. Make sure there’s a water bottle whatever the length of the trip, and avoid putting heavy bowls in the carrier as they could get bumped around and harm your pet. Be weather-aware and don’t travel in extremes of temperature.

Where should I not pet my guinea pig?

Pet in the direction the fur grows. Start by petting the head or under the chin. The feet and underside are usually areas to avoid, and the back might even be an area to avoid. Observe your guinea pig’s body language and listen to vocalizations for clues about how he or she feels.

Is it OK to keep guinea pigs in your bedroom?

Guinea pigs get along just fine indoors with no enclosure at all, so if you have enough space in your home, you should give them an entire room to themselves.

Can you leave 2 guinea pigs alone?

3. Your guinea pig needs company. A cavy on its own can experience boredom, depression and loneliness, which can lead to behavioural problems as well as issues with its health. If you’re regularly away, we recommend keeping two guinea pigs or more together.

Why does my guinea pig run away when I try to pick him up?

Some guinea pigs never feel comfortable being picked up, especially if they aren’t handled a lot when they’re little. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good relationship with them though. It just means that you have to relate to him or her where they are more comfortable, usually on the ground.

Is it stressful for guinea pigs to travel?

Since travel is not a part of your guinea pig’s daily routine, it can cause a great deal of stress for your pet. While all pets experience travel stress, the impacts of stress on a guinea pig’s health can be more severe.

What are the don’ts with guinea pigs?

Never give your cavy chocolate, caffeine, junk food, or anything that is high in fat and sugar. Other dangerous foods include garlic, chives, onions, avocados, and the leaves of tomato and potato plants. You’ll also want to avoid giving your pet anything you haven’t researched, or plants that you can’t identify.

Is it safe to hold a guinea pig?

They should be kept upright, with all four feet facing the floor, so they don’t damage their backs. If they’re startled, they might jump out of your hands so don’t hold them up high – they like to stay close to the floor. Pick up your guinea pigs by: Placing one hand under or around their chest area.

Why does my guinea pig cry when I hold him?

They Are Scared This is how they tell you they’re scared and grab your attention. Your guinea pig may even fear you. If this is the case, you must earn your pet’s trust first. If you have just brought your guinea pig home, you should give them time to adjust to you and the new environment.