How Bad Was Tampa Hit By Ian?

How was Tampa Bay affected by Ian?

Did that affect the environment? A post-storm report shows more than 7 feet of water left parts of Tampa Bay during the storm. As Hurricane Ian zeroed in on the Florida peninsula, a receding Tampa Bay was a sure sign there was tropical trouble on the way.

Was Tampa badly affected by Hurricane Ian?

— Damage from Hurricane Ian was seen in many areas in Florida. Even South Tampa felt its wrath. Two of South Tampa’s major thoroughfares, Dale Mabry Highway and Kennedy Boulevard, took hits.

Who got hit the hardest by Hurricane Ian?

The hardest hit area was in Florida, where Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday afternoon near Cayo Costa, Florida, as a catastrophic Category 4 storm with winds of 150 mph.

How much damage did Ian do?

Ian caused between $50 billion and 65 billion in insured damages after it made landfall in western Florida in late September with extreme winds and torrential rain.

Was Clearwater affected by Ian?

Both Tampa International Airport and St. Pete-Clearwater International shuttered for less than 72 hours during Ian. Neither sustained extensive damage.

Did Sarasota get hit by Ian?

While Sarasota was spared a direct hit, the damage in the south of the county, in particular, is devastating.

What part of Florida was not affected by Ian?

3 “[The] major Florida Keys and Key West infrastructure remains intact throughout the 125-mile-long island chain,” the statement added.

What Category was Ian when it hit Tampa?

Tampa’s neighbors just south of them got the brunt of Ian’s impact and the damage is unbelievable. Ian tore through Florida, making landfall just after 3 p.m. Wednesday near Cayo Costa as a Category 4 storm. Winds clocked in over 150 mph, lashing the coast.

What is the strongest hurricane to hit Tampa?

The 1921 storm, the most destructive to hit the Tampa area since 1848, was so powerful that it wrecked coastal structures for miles and smashed ships against docks after pulling them off their moorings.

What Florida cities were hit hardest by Ian?

Fort Myers Beach, a coastal city on a barrier island, was among the areas hardest hit, with storm surges nearly reaching the roofs of some houses.