How Cold Did It Get In Tampa Last Night?

What was the low last night in Tampa?

High: 68ºf @4:00 PM Low: 39.2ºf @5:55 AM Approx.

What was the lowest temperature in Tampa FL?

According to The Weather Channel, Tampa’s all-time record low temperature is 18 °F (−8 °C) and St. Petersburg’s is 20 °F (−7 °C), both occurring during the same cold snap on December 13, 1962.

What was the temperature this morning in Tampa Florida?

Sun and clouds mixed. High 63F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.

Has Tampa Florida ever reached 100 degrees?

Believe it or not, Tampa has never hit 100 degrees since record keeping began back in 1890. There are several reasons for this: The afternoon sea breeze kicks up. The city is surrounded by water.

Is Tampa becoming overpopulated?

According to World Population Review, since the last U.S. Census in 2010, the population has increased by 9.49% in St. Petersburg and 21.27% in Tampa. The housing market and new developments rage as Zillow ranked Tampa the No.

What was dumped in Tampa Bay?

Piney Point dumping 4 million gallons of rainwater into Tampa Bay. It was one of the areas biggest environmental disasters. Now the Piney Point facility is one step closer to being closed for good. MANATEE COUNTY, Fla.

Has Tampa ever gotten snow?

Tampa has a record snowfall of 0.2 inches (5.08 mm) which occurred on January 18, 1977. Due to larger populations and more advanced communication networks, snow events are witnessed and reported much more frequently in recent years than in historical eras.

Is Tampa colder than Miami?

Despite being in the same state, both temperature and humidity levels in Miami exceed those in Tampa.

Why does 70 degrees feel cold in Florida?

There can be circumstances when Florida’s humidity does, in fact, make it feel colder than what the thermostat reads. It’s a mixture of temperatures, the moisture in the air and the human body’s efforts to keep its core temperature steady, experts say.

What is the best month to go to Tampa Florida?

The best time to visit Tampa is generally October through December. The cooling autumn weather offers a break from the Tampa heat and humidity, while still providing sunshine and warmth.