How Did Tampa Do With Hurricane Ian?

Was Tampa Florida affected by Ian?

Did that affect the environment? A post-storm report shows more than 7 feet of water left parts of Tampa Bay during the storm. As Hurricane Ian zeroed in on the Florida peninsula, a receding Tampa Bay was a sure sign there was tropical trouble on the way.

Did Tampa get hit hard from Hurricane Ian?

That could’ve been worse. In much of Tampa Bay, you’d have a hard time proving that a Category 4 hurricane blew by overnight.

How much rain did Tampa Bay get from Hurricane Ian?

Rainfall was highest south of Tampa Bay in Charlotte, Hardee and Sarasota Counties. Grove City reported the highest recorded rainfall of the event, with 26.95 inches.

Did Tampa flood during Hurricane Ian?

Tampa braces for devastating floods from Hurricane Ian – CBS News.

Is Tampa becoming overpopulated?

According to World Population Review, since the last U.S. Census in 2010, the population has increased by 9.49% in St. Petersburg and 21.27% in Tampa. The housing market and new developments rage as Zillow ranked Tampa the No.

How is Tampa Florida right now?

High 73F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Mostly clear.

Did Clearwater get hit by Ian?

Both Tampa International Airport and St. Pete-Clearwater International shuttered for less than 72 hours during Ian. Neither sustained extensive damage.

What is the strongest hurricane to hit Tampa?

The 1921 storm, the most destructive to hit the Tampa area since 1848, was so powerful that it wrecked coastal structures for miles and smashed ships against docks after pulling them off their moorings.

Has Tampa Florida ever hit 100?

Tampa’s official high has never reached 100 °F (38 °C) – the city’s all-time record temperature is 99 °F (37 °C). St. Petersburg’s all-time record high is exactly 100 °F (38 °C).

Whats the coldest Tampa has ever been?

These records go back to 1891. The lowest temperature recorded at Tampa during that period was 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 Celsius) on December 13, 1962.