How Did The Last Episode Of Csi Miami End?

Why did CSI: Miami end so abruptly?

But, despite numerous awards and nominations, CBS ultimately canceled CSI: Miami due to a decline in ratings and the climbing cost of production. During its final season, CSI: Miami ranked Number 27 out of all broadcast TV series.

Did CSI: Miami end with a cliffhanger?

Call it the curse of being on the bubble: After 10 roller-coaster years, CSI: Miamiwill end its season without a major cliff-hanger.

What was the last episode of season 10 of CSI: Miami?

Silencer; Dance of Death.

Do Calleigh and Eric end up together?

He has a close relationship with colleague Calleigh Duquesne; they care very greatly for each other—Calleigh is the one by his side when Eric is in the hospital, gravely injured (“Man Down”)—Calleigh and Eric are now in a relationship.

Who ended up being the mole on CSI: Miami?

Career. At the end of season four, it is revealed that the character Natalia is an FBI informant in the lab, assigned to help build a case against the lead character Horatio Caine and his team.

Why was Ryan Wolfe fired on CSI: Miami?

He is fired from the department after lying to Horatio regarding his relationship to a man to whom he owed $10,000 in poker debts. Yelina Salas, private investigator and former MDPD homicide detective, observes Ryan meeting the man in a secluded area to pay back the money.

Why did Calleigh leave CSI: Miami?

This may be due to Emily Procter’s pregnancy, at which it was said that it wasn’t going to be written in the series. In season 10 there is still less of a focus on her romantic relationships.

Why did Nick quit CSI?

In the season-12 finale, “Homecoming”, Nick announces to his colleagues that he is quitting his job at CSI, as he is no longer able to stand the widespread corruption in the department.

Did CSI ever have crossover episodes?

“CSI: Trilogy” is a three-part crossover of the American police procedural television franchise CSI that aired on CBS on November 9, 2009. The seventh episodes of the 2009–2010 season had continuing stories with Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Raymond Langston in all three.

Why did Calleigh shoots Eric?

In the season seven finale, “Seeing Red”, Calleigh shot at Eric while he was trying to help his father, Russian mobster Alexander Sharova (Rade Serbedzija). “She’s definitely facing an internal struggle,” Procter explained.