How Far From Tampa To Naples?

Is Naples a good place to retire?

Naples is still a hot place to live for more than just the temperature. The Southwest Florida city ranked No. 6 — down from No. 2 last year — in the U.S. News and World Report’s list of The 10 Best Places to Retire in the U.S. in 2022-2023.

What is the halfway point between Naples and Tampa?

Halfway between Naples, FL and Tampa Bay The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually North Port, Florida. The closest zip code to the midpoint is 34291. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 27° 5′ 58″ N and 82° 12′ 29″ W.

Why Naples Florida is famous?

The city of Naples, perched on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida, is famous for its high-end shopping, world-class arts and culture, and sophisticated dining, family fun, and wild outdoors. Within an hour of Naples and Marco Island are millions of acres of federal and state parks, preserves and wildlife refuges.

What city is closest to Naples Florida?

14 Miles to Bonita Springs, FL. 26 Miles to Estero, FL. 42 Miles to Fort Myers, FL. 45 Miles to Cape Coral, FL. 48 Miles to Sanibel, FL. 67 Miles to Punta Gorda, FL. 72 Miles to Port Charlotte, FL. 88 Miles to North Port, FL.

What are the negatives to living in Naples Florida?

Housing Costs: The median value of a home in Naples is $700,000 with over 60% of the homes over $1 million. Rain: If it is not sunny, it may be POURING. Traffic: The traffic in Naples can be problematic if you commute into the city.

Which part of Naples is the nicest?

Old Naples. If you want to be surrounded by gorgeous mansions and tall palm trees, head to Old Naples. Park Shore. Exclusive and luxurious are two words to describe the neighborhood of Park Shore. Coquina Sands. Aqualane Shores. Port Royal. Pelican Bay. Moorings.

Is 3 days in Naples enough?

Still, Naples is an incredible city that deserves its place on your travel itinerary. With 2 to 3 days in Naples, you can enjoy this city of the senses and discover plenty of experiences that you’ll be glad you took a chance on.

Is 2 days enough for Naples?

Both Naples and the nearby villages are worth a visit while you are in the area. With just two days in Naples, you will have enough time to see all the main sights of the city, taste the legendary pizza, and embark on a day trip (or two) to a town on the Amalfi Coast.

How many days do you need in Naples Florida?

How Many Days Do You Need in Naples, Florida? Spending 3 days in Naples gives you enough time to shop, see the sights around town, spend time on the white sand beaches, and explore the mangrove forests. I personally recommend spending at least 5-days in Naples, however.

Do any celebrities live in Naples Florida?

Alex Lifeson. Alex Lifeson is the lead guitarist for the progressive rock band known as Rush. Bob Seger. Another rocker who calls Naples home is Bob Seger. Donna Summer. Fuzzy Zoeller. John Kruk. Rocco Mediate. Larry Bird. Charlie Babb.