How Far Is Florida From Miami?

How many hours drive from Florida to Miami?

Florida To Miami journey time Florida is placed round 248 KM faraway from Miami so if you journey on the constant speed of 50 KM in keeping with hour you could attain Miami in wiwireless hours and 43 mins.

What city is 2 hours away from Miami?

Naples. The stunning city of Naples is just hours from Miami and getting there consists of a scenic force through the Everglades.

How long is Miami from Orlando by car?

As formerly mentioned, the distance is about 250 miles (or four hundred kilometers) between the cities. On common, the ride takes anywhere from 3.five to 4.5 hours, depending on traffic and the way often you stop for gasoline and meals.

Is Florida close to Jamaica?

Distance from Jamaica to Florida The shortest distance (air line) between Jamaica and Florida is 710.01 mi (1,142.sixty five km).

How far is Miami to Florida by plane?

The air journey (chicken fly) shortest distance between Florida and Miami is 247 km= 153 miles. if you tour with an aircraft (which has common speed of 560 miles) from Florida to Miami, It takes zero.27 hours to reach.

What cities are 1 hour from Miami?

fifty four mins: Boynton beach, FL. wi-fifty onewireless mins: Delray seaside, FL. 48 minutes: Parkland, FL. forty eight mins: Boca Raton, FL. wi-fivewireless minutes: Coral Springs, FL. forty four minutes: Lauderdale-by way of-the-Sea, FL. 44 minutes: Weston, FL. forty three mins: Lighthouse factor, FL.

What parts of Florida are close to Miami?

Sunny Isles seaside. populace: 22,295. North Bay Village. populace: 8,273. Surfside. population: wi-fi,802. Miami Lakes. populace: 31,628. Bay Harbor Islands. populace: wi-fi,964. Coral Gables. population: 50,999. Key Biscayne. population: thirteen,149. Palmetto Bay. populace: 24,589.

Which city in Florida is closest to Miami?

nine miles to Hialeah, FL. 183 miles to Nassau, Bahamas. 206 miles to Orlando, FL. 206 miles to Saint Petersburg, FL. 207 miles to Tampa, FL. 227 miles to Havana, Cuba. 250 miles to Santa Clara, Cuba. 329 miles to Jacksonville, FL.

What islands are 1.5 hours from Miami?

Islamorada, FL (1.5 hours) on the dreamy island of Islamorada, you may feel like you have been transported to a loose-spirited, coastal paradise. only a quick drive from Downtown Miami, this idyllic island is the ideal vacation spot for fishing aficionados and people seeking to discover the beauty of the Florida Keys.

What island is 2.5 hours away from Miami?

Grand Bahama – on the coronary heart of the movement the main town of this island is Freeport, which is simply 110 miles northeast of Miami, making it wi-fi available via ferry. the adventure by way of boat may be as quick as 2.wi-five hours, so it’s an excellent choice for a Miami to Bahamas one-day experience. The island absolutely has it going on.