How Far Is Fort Lauderdale-by-the-sea To St Petersburg Florida?

Is it worth visiting St. Petersburg Florida?

Petersburg could be one of the best family-friendly places to vacation on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Endowed with gleaming white sands and tranquil clear waters, St Pete Beach is often voted one of the nicest in the country — the perfect place for sunbathing or paddleboarding.

What is special about St. Petersburg Florida?

Nicknamed “The Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg, Florida offers a vibrant mix of tropical weather, arts and culture, shopping, dining, sports, and outdoor recreation all along a stunning shoreline that features some of the nation’s top-ranked beaches.

What is St. Petersburg Florida best known for?

St. Petersburg, which glimmers between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, is known for its warm weather and for holding the title of “most consecutive days with sunshine” at 768 days! Downtown St. Petersburg is the city’s heart, home to great shopping, restaurants, bars and cultural attractions.

Is Tampa or St. Petersburg nicer?

St. Pete has more outdoor activities with beaches and parks. Tampa has a bigger city feel with more urban attractions within a short walk or drive. I love them both and visit each for what I am looking to do.

What is the best month to go to St. Petersburg Florida?

– Transitional months such as April and May (Florida’s Spring) and September, October and November (Florida’s Autumn) are excellent periods to visit Southern Florida (Autumn is a particularly good period in terms of temperatures and low precipitation).

Is Clearwater or St. Petersburg better?

Both have been ranked year after year for their award-winning beaches. In 2019, Clearwater Beach was #1 Beach in the US by TripAdvisor’s Best Beaches. Then in 2021, St Pete Beach was ranked #1 by TripAdvisor! Needless to say, they have a lot in common with their natural beauty.

Are there alligators in St. Petersburg?

What is the best area in St. Petersburg FL?

Downtown. Like art and trendy urban districts? Historic Kenwood. Snell Isle. Boca Ciega. Old Southeast. Crescent Lake. Coquina Key. Historic Roser Park.

Is St. Petersburg a nice beach?

St. Pete Beach was named #1 in the U.S. in 2021! With gorgeous white sands and amenities galore (including some great beach bars right on the sand) St. Pete Beach was named Tripadvisor’s top beach in the U.S. for 2021.

Is St. Petersburg a beach town?

With 35 miles of America’s Best Beaches to choose from, you can have a different beach experience in St. Pete/Clearwater every day of your vacation. St. Pete Beach, Tripadvisor’s #1 Beach in the U.S. in 2021, has miles of white-sand beach and a fun vibe.