How Far Is It From Jacksonville Florida To Tampa Florida?

Is it cheaper to live in Tampa or Jacksonville?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Jacksonville, FL and Tampa, FL. You would need around 6,166.85$ in Tampa, FL to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 4,900.00$ in Jacksonville, FL (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living …

What is halfway between Tampa and Jacksonville?

The halfway point between Tampa, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida is: Ocala, FL. Find a place to meet halfway. These two locations are 199 miles apart and the exact midpoint is I-75, Ocala, FL 34482, USA.

How long of a ride is it from Jacksonville to Tampa?

3 hours, 18 minutes.

What is Jacksonville FL known for?

Jacksonville Facts Jacksonville boasts the largest urban park system in the nation, it is 4x the size of the island of Manhattan! 80,000 acres of parks, including 7 State Parks, 2 National Parks, a National Preserve, 400 City Parks and Gardens and an Arboretum.

Is Jacksonville hotter than Tampa?

In the warmer months, the average daily high temperature rises above 85 degrees in Jacksonville and 86 degrees in Tampa. The coldest single month for both cities is January, with an average low of 46 degrees in Jacksonville and 52 degrees in Tampa.

Is South or North Tampa better?

North Tampa is more spacious, has newer developments, and is less urban. It’s not as walkable as the classic South Tampa neighborhoods, and its neighborhoods wane in popularity. South Tampa, however, has always been a great place to live and is perfect for young families and couples who like to be close to the action.

What city in Florida is closest to Jacksonville?

Kingsland, GA. Saint Augustine, FL. Palatka, FL. Brunswick, GA. Saint Simons, GA. Palm Coast, FL. Lake City, FL. Gainesville, FL.

Where should I stop on a road trip to Florida?

Destin on the Emerald Coast. Panama City Beach. Beaches of Amelia Island. Neeeooowmmmm at Daytona. Theme parks in Orlando. Kennedy Space Center: Cape Canaveral. Wander around Tampa. Anna Maria Island.

How much is a train from Tampa to Jacksonville?

How much does a train ticket from Tampa to Jacksonville cost? The average price of a round-trip train ticket from Tampa to Jacksonville is $67.

How long is Tampa from the beach?

Visitors to Tampa have hit the beach lottery! From downtown Tampa, you are about a half-hour drive from, not one, not two, but over a dozen of the most beautiful stretches of sand in the world.