How Far Is It From Tampa To Fort Myers?

Is Fort Myers is a good place to live?

This Florida Gulf Coast city is a great place to live, thanks to its budget-friendly housing, excellent weather, beach access, incredible restaurants, and more. Check out these 17 things to know about living in Fort Myers!

Why is Fort Myers famous?

Fort Myers, known for its nature and historical estates, serves as a gateway to a stretch of islands including the Sanibel area, known for its famous shelling beaches.

Is Tampa cheaper than Fort Myers?

The cost of living in Fort Myers, FL is 2.6% higher than in Tampa, FL.

Is Fort Myers close to Clearwater?

The driving distance between Fort Myers and Clearwater is 130 miles. Traveling to Clearwater will take you around 2 hours. To refuel your car on this route, you’ll have to pay 16 USD.

How long is the ride from Tampa to Fort Myers?

Yes, the driving distance between Tampa to Fort Myers is 131 miles. It takes approximately 2h 10m to drive from Tampa to Fort Myers.

What is the halfway point between Tampa and Fort Myers Florida?

Halfway between Tampa, FL and Fort Myers, FL The best city between Tampa, FL and Fort Myers, FL to meet is Sarasota, Florida which is about 9 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Vamo, Florida.

Is Fort Myers crowded?

Fort Myers is Densely Packed with People With a population density of 1600 people per square mile, it’s one of the most crowded in the state. That doesn’t even consider the 5 million people per year that come to visit!

Is Fort Myers worth visiting?

Just a few hours from Tampa, Miami and Orlando, visitors can get a taste of Florida’s other offerings, too. Fort Myers is even closer to other popular beach destinations, like Cape Coral and Pine Island, but trust us — there’s so much to do in Fort Myers that you don’t have to leave it.

What is the best month to visit Fort Myers Florida?

March and May – The best time to visit Fort Myers. The summer months see the most crowds, especially families, so plan to book at least three months in advance if you’ll be travelling then. June-August – Experience the hot and sweltering summer temps!

What is the nicest area in Fort Myers Florida?

Best Places to Live in Fort Myers. Sanibel and Captiva Island. Fort Myers Beach. Iona. McGregor. Cypress Lake. Pelican Preserve.