How Far Is It From Tampa To Sarasota?

Is there a shuttle between Tampa and Sarasota airports?

Sarasota Shuttle Service If you need an TPA airport ride to or from Sarasota we can help you find and book quality ground transportation options from trusted partners. Options include shuttle, town car, SUV and limo from quality providers as Supershuttle, Groundlink and Blacklane.

How do I get from Tampa to Sarasota without a car?

The best way to get from Tampa to Sarasota without a car is to bus which takes 1h 55m and costs $9 – $50. How long does it take to get from Tampa to Sarasota? It takes approximately 1h 55m to get from Tampa to Sarasota, including transfers.

How much does it cost to Uber from Tampa Airport to Sarasota?

The average trip price to get from Tampa International Airport to Sarasota FL is $93.00 – $181.00.

How far apart are Siesta Key and Sarasota?

Siesta Key is 63 miles south of the Tampa International Airport and 10 miles from Sarasota, Florida.

Can you get around Sarasota without a car?

The Breeze Trolley: Fun and unique, this well-known mode of transportation makes regular stops along Siesta Key, servicing Siesta Key Village, South Village and Turtle Beach. The Breeze Trolley stops every 20-30 minutes and runs from 8 am until midnight.

How much is a bus ticket from Tampa to Sarasota?

How much is the bus ticket between Tampa and Sarasota? You can get from Tampa to Sarasota for as little as $13.99. On average, tickets for this connection cost $15.74.

Is it better to stay on Siesta Key or Sarasota?

Depending on what you’re looking for: Siesta Key is perfect if you’re looking for a beach vacation with many outdoor activities, and Sarasota (downtown) is better if you want to be close to the best restaurants, shopping, and cultural attractions!

Is it worth visiting Sarasota Florida?

Sarasota, Florida is worth a visit year-round. It offers various activities such as gorgeous beaches, historic museums, beautiful natural sights, and lots of shopping opportunities. Sarasota is one of the best places to visit along the Cultural Coast on the Gulf and is suitable for all ages.

How many days do you need in Sarasota?

Actually, 3 days in Sarasota is the perfect length of time to spend here. You’ll be able to do all the “things to do in Sarasota” but still have enough down time to spend relaxing on the beach. Beaches that are regularly voted as the best in the country, I might add.

Which is cheaper driving or Uber?

If you live in a busy area and drive less than 10,000 miles per year, rideshare services tend to be cheaper. For car owners who live in a highly dense area, you’re also saving money on parking costs. So for those who drive more than 10,000 miles each year, it might cost less to own a car.