How Far Is Kansas City From Tampa Bay?

How far is Tampa Bay from Kansas City by plane?

How long does a flight from Tampa to Kansas City take? The average nonstop flight takes 9h 30m, covering a distance of 1048 miles.

What is halfway between Tampa and KC?

Halfway between Kansas City, MO and Tampa, FL The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Prairie Plains, Tennessee. The closest zip code to the midpoint is 37342. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 35° 21′ 43″ N and 85° 57′ 39″ W.

What cities are 2 hours away from Kansas City?

Sands Timber and Recreation Area. Davisdale Conservation Area. Davisdale. Hermitage (Missouri) Humansville (Missouri) Stockton (Missouri) Stockton Mobile Home & RV Park. Yates Center Reservoir.

How many days does it take to drive to Florida from Kansas?

How long is the drive from Kansas to Florida? The total driving time is 21 hours, 16 minutes. Your trip begins in the state of Kansas.

What cities are 3 hours from Tampa?

3 hr 26 min: Boynton Beach, FL. 3 hr 25 min: Wellington, FL. 3 hr 24 min: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. 3 hr 24 min: Jacksonville Beach, FL. 3 hr 23 min: Lake Worth, FL. 3 hr 23 min: Palm Springs, FL. 3 hr 21 min: Palm Beach, FL. 3 hr 20 min: Valdosta, GA.

What airport do you fly into for Tampa Bay?

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Why is Kansas City split in two?

At around the same time settlement was beginning along the river bottoms in Wyandotte County just across the border in the state of Kansas. So from the 1850s on there were two Kansas Cities, divided by the Missouri-Kansas state line, and both grew from a consolidation of villages rather than from a single unit.

Does Kansas City cross two states?

KANSAS CITY, Kan. and Mo. — Two cities, two states, one name, separated by a Patrick Mahomes shovel pass. Welcome to Kansas City, Kansas.

Are there tunnels under the city of Tampa?

Ybor Tunnels. The Ybor City smuggling tunnels are perhaps one of the greatest urban legends in Tampa, miles of tunnels underneath the city are rumored to have been used during the prohibition era to move liquor between speakeasies as well as to smuggle Chinese women to be sold into prostitution.

What cities are 3 hours away from Kansas City?

177 miles north of Kansas City, KS: West Des Moines. Des Moines. 161 miles southeast of Kansas City, KS: 165 miles north of Kansas City, KS: Casey City Park. Menlo City Park. 168 miles north of Kansas City, KS: Milo Ray State Wildlife Area. Walnut Woods State Park.