How Far Is Lake Placid Florida From Fort Lauderdale?

Is Lake Placid Fl worth visiting?

Lake Placid is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts and people who just want to relax by the lakeside. This quaint town offers everything for a memorable stay, including scenic lakes and a quirky history. Take the time to explore Lake Placid and explore its unique history and fun local charm.

What is Lake Placid Fl known for?

The town has two nicknames: “Town of Murals” and “The Caladium Capital of the World”. Lake Placid has 47 murals painted on buildings throughout the town, and 98 percent of the world’s caladium bulbs come from Lake Placid.

What’s the closest city to Lake Placid Florida?

20 miles: Sebring Shores, FL. 20 miles: Lorida, FL. 18 miles: Venus, FL. 16 miles: Sebring, FL. 10 miles: Hen Scratch, FL. 9 miles: Bear Hollow, FL. 6 miles: Childs, FL. 4 miles: Highlands Park Estates, FL.

Can you swim in Lake Placid Florida?

Lake Placid, Florida, is full of pristine freshwater lakes full of recreational water activities such as swimming, sailing, boating, and incredible fishing.

Does Lake Placid Florida have a beach?

There’s also a changing facility, tennis courts, and playground. Every July, the Lake Placid Public Beach is an ideal place to watch Fourth of July fireworks and to witness the beginning of the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon. The competition begins with an early-morning, 2.4-mile swim that ends at the beach.

How far is Lake Placid Florida from the beach?

Located between Sarasota and West Palm Beach, Lake Placid sits in the center of Florida only a two-hour drive from either coast.

Why do people go to Lake Placid?

From rocky summits and riding a gondola over Olympic ski jumps to a mountain coaster on a historic Olympic mountainside, Lake Placid is known for its big views, big scenery, and big history. This, along with its charming, small town twist, is why we call it home. Check out any of our historic Olympic venues!

Does Lake Placid FL have a downtown?

One of Florida’s prettiest small towns, Lake Placid boasts nearly 50 outdoor murals adorning its downtown buildings.

How big are the alligators in Lake Placid?

In the film, a giant, 30-foot-long monstrous saltwater crocodile terrorizes the fictional location of Black Lake, Maine (there is a real, small Black Lake located in Fort Kent, Maine), the film also follows a dysfunctional group who attempt to capture or kill the beast.

What airport do you fly into for Lake Placid Florida?

The nearest airport to Lake Placid is Punta Gorda (PGD) Airport which is 47.2 miles away. Other nearby airports include Ft. Myers (RSW) (58.5 miles), Orlando (MCO) (79.2 miles), Tampa (TPA) (86.3 miles) and West Palm Beach/Palm Beach (PBI) (89.3 miles).