How Far Is Miami Florida From Charlotte North Carolina?

How far is Charlotte from Miami by plane?

The flight time from Charlotte to Miami is 1 hour, 59 minutes. The time spent in the air is 1 hour, 32 minutes. The flight distance from Charlotte to Miami is 650 Miles.

How far a drive is it to Charlotte North Carolina to Miami Florida?

There are 655.14 miles from Charlotte to Miami in south direction and 729 miles (1,173.21 kilometers) by car, following the I-95 S route. Charlotte and Miami are 11 hours 9 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How long is Miami from Charlotte by car?

How long is the drive from Charlotte, NC to Miami, FL? The total driving time is 10 hours, 24 minutes. Your trip begins in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How long is North Carolina from Florida by car?

The distance between the states is around 668 miles. To make the drive a little easier on yourself, consider stopping for the night halfway through.

Can I take a train from Charlotte to Florida?

Trip Summary There are 3 daily trains from Charlotte to Orlando. Traveling by train from Charlotte to Orlando usually takes around 25 hours and 33 minutes, but the fastest Amtrak train can make the trip in 18 hours and 51 minutes.

Is it cheaper to live in Florida or North Carolina?

Florida is 6.1% more expensive than North Carolina.

How far is Charlotte for Myrtle Beach?

The distance between Charlotte and Myrtle Beach is 22.3 mi. There are many perks of bus travel, so we suggest that you travel from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach using this means of transport. The distance between two cities is 22 miles.

What city is 2 hours away from Miami?

Naples. The beautiful city of Naples is just two hours from Miami and getting there includes a scenic drive through the Everglades.

How long is a train ride from North Carolina to Miami?

Overview: Train from Charlotte, NC to Miami Trains from Charlotte, NC to Miami cover the 652 miles (1052 km) long route taking on average 26 h 43 min with our travel partners like Amtrak. Normally, there is 1 train operating per day, including direct services available.

How far is Charlotte to the ocean?

How far is Carolina Beach: Charlotte is around 200 miles and a 3.5-hour drive from Carolina Beach. Another beach near Charlotte that is also located in the Wilmington area is Carolina Beach.