How Far Is Miami From Fort Myers?

Is Fort Myers close to Miami?

Distance between Miami and citadel Myers is 189 kilometers (118 miles). using distance from Miami day-to-day citadel Myers is 248 kilometers (154 miles).

How far is Fort Myers from Miami by plane?

Distance among Miami (Miami worldwide Airport) and fortress Myers (Southwest Florida worldwide Airport) is 104 miles / 168 kilometers / ninety one nautical miles. expected flight time is 41 minutes.

How far is Fort Myers to Port of Miami?

the gap among citadel Myers and Port of Miami is one hundred twenty miles. the street distance is a hundred and fifty five.three miles.

What major city is Fort Myers closest to?

ninety one miles to Saint Petersburg, FL. ninety seven miles to Tampa, FL. 112 miles to Hialeah, FL. 120 miles to Miami, FL. a hundred thirty five miles to Orlando, FL. 244 miles to Havana, Cuba. 255 miles to Jacksonville, FL. 299 miles to Nassau, Bahamas.

Is Fort Myers a nice part of Florida?

excellent regarded for its beautiful beaches, scenic views, amazing fishing, and global-elegance shopping, castle Myers is a nice vicinity to live. if you are moving to Florida, castle Myers is over the counter nice towns over-the-counter nation because of its less costly cost of dwelling and occasional crime charge.

Does Fort Myers Florida have a beach?

fort Myers seaside on Estero Island is a favourite vacation spot of many locals, snowbirds and vacationers. The Island boasts seven miles of white sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico in which the sea floor slopes lightly in the direction of the horizon without a unexpected drop-offs or big waves.

Does Fort Myers have pretty beaches?

one of the principal reasons that humans go to fortress Myers and the Lee Island Coast is for the terriwiwireless seashores, and the beaches in citadel Myers Florida and nearby Sanibel are uber famous and offer a wide variety of options for each seaside lover.

Is Fort Myers close to the ocean?

castle Myers is located at the Gulf of Mexico, in an area of Florida this is nearly always guaranteed to have heat over-the-counter, even over-the-counterover the counter darkest days of icinessover the counter. The wi-fiwireless seashores are determined in fortress Myers beach on Estero Island, about a 30-minute power from downtown castle Myers.

What is the best month to visit Fort Myers Florida?

The excellent time to visit fort Myers is between March and can. although the sun is makeup and costs are down, traffic looking a quiet holiday must be worn-out for spring breakers. The summer time months see the most crowds, mainly families, so plan to e book as a minimum 3 months earlier if you’ll be visiting then.

Is Fort Myers Florida good place to live?

taking into account transferring to citadel Myers? This Florida Gulf Coast metropolis is a great place to live, way to its price range-pleasant housing, excellent climate, beach get admission to, incredible restaurants, and more.