How Far Is Miami To Boca Raton?

How many hours drive to Miami to Boca Raton?

If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Miami and Boca Raton is 72.85 km. If you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 00 hours 39 minutes.

How far is Miami Florida from Boca Florida?

There are 42.09 miles from Miami to Boca Raton in north direction and 46 miles (74.03 kilometers) by car, following the I-95 N route. Miami and Boca Raton are 48 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from Miami, FL to Boca Raton, FL.

How far is Boca Raton in Miami International Airport?

How far is it from Miami Airport (MIA) to Boca Raton? The distance between Miami Airport (MIA) and Boca Raton is 41 miles. The road distance is 47.9 miles.

Is Boca Raton closer to Miami or Ft Lauderdale?

What airports are near Boca Raton? The closest airport is Fort Lauderdale (FLL) (20.19 mi). Other nearby airports are Palm Beach Intl (PBI) (22.42 mi) or Miami (MIA) (40.82 mi).

What is so special about Boca Raton?

Boca Raton, the second largest city in the Palm Beaches, is a community where history and innovation come together. Influenced by the notable architect, Addison Mizner, Boca Raton was built around an elegant Mediterranean Revival style that later grew into a vibrant city full of rich art and culture.

Is Boca Raton worth visiting?

A: Boca Raton is a fantastic place to bring the whole family for a vacation. Spend all day soaking up the sun on the beach or venture into town for kid-friendly restaurants, parks, and hotels.

Is Boca Raton a rich part of Florida?

Boca Raton, Florida is often prized for its affluent and wealthy lifestyle. Since it is such a rich area the cost of living tends to be on the more expensive side. In fact, the cost of living in Boca Raton is ranked at a level of 128 which means that it is 28% more expensive than the national average.

Do any celebrities live in Boca Raton?

Comedian and actor Adam Sandler, well known for his start in Saturday Night Live, loves Boca Raton Florida so much that he recently bought his mother a home in Boca Raton as her primary residence. Sandler’s family has also chosen to live locally, enjoying the luxury-living options Boca Raton has to offer.

Does Boca Raton have nice beaches?

Boca Raton’s coast is known for its most priceless treasure: a two mile stretch of lifeguard protected beaches. This pristine beach area, isolated and serene, provides recreational use for the thousands who wish to spend time at the ocean or enjoying the various sand dunes spotted with sea oats and sea grapes.

How much does an uber cost from Miami airport to Boca Raton?

The average trip price to get from Miami International Airport to Boca Raton FL is $80.00 – $142.00.