How Far Is Navarre Beach From Tampa?

Is Navarre Beach Beautiful?

Nestled between Gulf Islands National Seashore and Navarre Beach Marine Park, Navarre Beach is named among the best in the nation, year after year. Its 12 miles of pristine white shoreline is perfect for strolls, swimming, or enjoying scenic outdoor activities.

What city is Navarre Beach close to?

Navarre, a compact beach community found just east of Pensacola at the far northwestern tip of the state, beckons with 12 miles of pristine white shoreline. Nestled between Gulf Islands National Seashore and Navarre Beach Marine Park, this beach community offers solitude and simplicity.

What is Navarre Beach known for?

Navarre Beach is famous for its crystal clear swimming emerald waters. Picnics on the beach or in one of the parks are a popular pastime. There’s an abundance of bike and jogging paths, and the untarnished beauty has long attracted visitors.

Is the water clear in Navarre Beach?

Navarre Beach in Florida is nestled on the Gulf of Mexico between Pensacola and Destin. It is part of the famous “Emerald Coast” of Florida where you’ll find powdery white beaches and clear blue-green water.

What is the best month to go to Navarre Beach?

The best time to visit Navarre for general outdoor tourist activities is from early April to late May and from late September to early November, this is because of the rainless days and average temperature ranging from 65-80°F.

Are there alligators on Navarre Beach?

I cannot verify it, but I did receive a call earlier this summer when an American alligator was found swimming and basking on a Gulf beach in Navarre and later near Ft. Pickens. Though not as common as they are in central and south Florida, alligators do live here and they are found on our barrier islands.

Can you swim at Navarre Beach?

The stretches of coastline in Navarre are really a wonderful place to be. The emerald waters aren’t just excellent for swimming, they are also great for water sports like paddleboarding, surfing, and boating.

Is Navarre Beach FL crowded?

Part of the Pensacola Metro area, Navarre Beach is the less crowded, less known beach in the area and really is an incredibly relaxing town. This small town is located on the Santa Rosa Barrier Island that extends from Pensacola Beach through Gulf Islands National Seashore to Navarre.

Is Navarre Beach blue water?

Navarre has beautiful white sand, clear blue water, and an excellent community that keeps the beaches clean and perfect.

Which is the prettiest beach in Florida?

Delray Beach, Palm Beach County. Lummus Park Beach, Miami Beach. Lowdermilk Park, Naples. Siesta Beach, Siesta Key. South Beach, Miami Beach. Clearwater Beach, Clearwater. Crandon Park Beach, Key Biscayne. Deerfield Beach, Deerfield Beach.