How Far Is New Smyrna Beach From Tampa?

What is Smyrna beach known for?

The star attraction in New Smyrna Beach is its 17-mile stretch of white sandy beaches. Our beach is well known to surfers, offering some of the finest wave action on the east coast with wave breaks that are plentiful for expert and amateur surfers alike.

Is New Smyrna Beach worth visiting?

New Smyrna Beach may not be Florida’s most well-known destination, but the city’s rich biodiversity and fascinating history makes it well worth a visit.

What major city is near New Smyrna Beach?

It is bordered by the city of Port Orange to the northwest, unincorporated Volusia County to the north, the census-designated place of Samsula-Spruce Creek to the west, and the cities of Edgewater and Bethune Beach and the Canaveral National Seashore to the south.

Which beach is better Daytona or Smyrna?

One last question you can ask yourself is, “Why am I leaving Orlando?” If you are eager to get away from the hustle and bustle that tourists bring, New Smyrna Beach might be the best option for you. If you think you’ll miss all the events, attractions, and nightlife, Daytona Beach sounds like a perfect fit!

Does New Smyrna have a boardwalk?

Smyrna Dunes Park is a 184-acre inlet park located along the southern shoreline of Ponce de Leon Inlet. The park has over 2 miles of wide, elevated, handicapped-accessible boardwalk capped with recycled lumber that is both comfortable and durable.

Does New Smyrna Beach get crowded?

Today, New Smyrna is a sleepy beach community. The population fluctuates, but it usually has about 26,500 residents. Although New Smyrna is a small town, it’s a popular destination for retirees, snowbirds and spring breakers. Because of this, the beach can get crowded at certain times of the year.

Can you swim at New Smyrna Beach?

This oceanfront park provides fishing and swimming on the beach at the intersection of 27th Avenue and A1A/Atlantic Avenue on New Smyrna Beach’s south beach area, 3701 S Atlantic Avenue.

Does Smyrna beach have a boardwalk?

At Smyrna Dunes Park, this 2.4-mile hike scenic coastal hike is largely along an accessible boardwalk, with side trips off to the sea and inlet via more rugged approaches.

Is the water clear in New Smyrna Beach?

Another popular destination for people looking for the best clear water beaches in Florida is New Smyrna Beach, a city located in Volusia County on Florida’s central east coast.

Is New Smyrna Beach affordable?

Living in New Smyrna Beach can be more affordable than many other parts of the nation, with the overall cost of living about 6–7% less expensive than the U.S. average. Although the median home cost is about $370,000, houses can vary considerably in price and size.