How Far Is Palm Coast From Miami?

How far away is Palm Coast and Miami?

There are 271.35 miles from Hand Coast to Miami in southeast direction and also 287 miles (461.88 kilometers) by automobile, following the I-95 S path. Palm Coastline and Miami are 4 hrs 23 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Palm Coastline, FL to Miami, FL. The halfway point is Fellsmere, FL.

What big city is near Palm Coast Florida?

Situated in Northeast Florida, the City of Hand Coast is halfway in between St. Augustine and also Daytona Coastline– and also about 70 miles from both the Jacksonville as well as Orlando metropolitan areas. Palm Coastline’s Interstate 95 Leave 284 (at State Road 100) is the closest I-95 leave to the coastline from Maine to Miami.

Is Palm Coast close to Tampa?

There are 135.90 miles from Hand Shore to Tampa fl in southwest instructions and 165 miles (265.54 kilometers) by auto, complying with the I-4 W course. Palm Coastline as well as Tampa florida are 2 hours 41 mins far apart, if you drive continuous.

How far apart are Miami and West Palm Beach?

How much is the distance in between Miami and also West Palm Beach? The straight drive from Miami, United States to West Hand Beach, USA is 69.6 miles or 112 km, and also should have a driving time of 1 hour in normal website traffic.

What celebrities live in Palm Coast Florida?

Vanilla Ice. Remember the ’90s rap hit, Ice Ice Child? Bill Gates. This billionaire creator of the Microsoft empire owns an equine ranch in Wellington that he bought for $8.5 million in 2013. Jimmy Buffett. Rod Stewart. Donald Trump.

What is Palm Coast known for?

Hand Shore and also the Flagler Beaches is a heaven for birders. The habitats draw in greater than 200 species of birds, and also 6 routes are noted on the Excellent Florida Birding Route.

What is Palm Coast FL known for?

Perched between St. Augustine and Daytona Coastline along the scenic A1A River and the River to Sea Preserve, Palm Coastline uses an excellent mix of golf resorts and also lavish nature preserves.

Is Fort Myers close to Miami?

The distance in between Ft Myers and Miami is 12 kilometres.

How long is the car ride from West Palm Beach to Miami?

If you intend to pass vehicle, the driving distance in between West Hand Beach and also Miami is 113.57 km. If you ride your auto with an ordinary speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will certainly be 01 hours 00 mins.

What is the racial makeup of Palm Coast Florida?

Hand Coastline Demographics White: 77.48% Black or African American: 11.32% Other race: 4.41% 2 or more races: 3.54%

Is Palm Coast Florida a nice place to live?

Palm Coast is a tiny city located in beween Daytona and Jacksonville, however everyday it expands a lot more. It has the basics and really beautiful beaches. It has a great deal of diversity that makes it really social. Hand Coastline is likewise really risk-free which makes people live conveniently and also openly.

Does Palm Coast Florida have hurricanes?

According to NOAA, a Group 5 typhoon will certainly come within 87 miles of Hand Coast every 220 years typically.

Is there a boardwalk in Palm Coast?

River to Sea Preserve A vitally important environment and also popular tourist attraction, it features public beach gain access to, an oceanside boardwalk, and also a selection of other leisure activities, like outdoor camping, kayaking, bird watching, and also biking.

How far is Palm Coast from Disney?

Yes, the driving range between Hand Coastline to Walt Disney World is 105 miles. It takes roughly 1h 55m to drive from Palm Coast to Walt Disney Globe.

How far is Palm Coast to the beach?

Flagler Beach This coastline is only 18 mins away from Palm Coast as well as features a multitude of popular fishing areas.