How Far Is Port St Lucie From Miami?

Is Port St. Lucie a good area?

A beautiful booming community. PSL is positioned most effective 15 minutes from Hutchinson Island seaside. There are plenty of job opportunities, housing possibilities, and feasible renting alternatives right here. one of the quality towns i’ve lived in, and i circulate around alot.

Is Port St. Lucie a cheap place to live?

it is affordable. compared everyday other towns of comparable size and amenities, residing in Port St. Lucie could be very less costly.

What is the closest major city to Port St. Lucie?

98 miles to Hialeah, FL. one zero five miles to Miami, FL. 108 miles to Orlando, FL. 137 miles to Tampa, FL. 144 miles to Saint Petersburg, FL. 226 miles to Jacksonville, FL. 239 miles to Nassau, Bahamas. 312 miles to Havana, Cuba.

Is Port St. Lucie near Fort Lauderdale?

Distance between Port Saint Lucie and citadel Lauderdale is 132 kilometers (eighty two miles). driving distance from Port Saint Lucie to castle Lauderdale is 148 kilometers (92 miles).

How far is Port St. Lucie to the beach?

Hit over-the-counter beach on Hutchinson Island an insignificant 12 miles east of Port Lucie lies over-the-counter first-rate place to be on a sunny day in Port St. Lucie.

Why are people moving to Port Saint Lucie?

LUCIE, Fla. — A regular circulate of households are shifting to the Treasure Coast in which the fee of living, on common, is extra less costly, and the sunshine is considerable. Over 200,000 human beings call Port St. Lucie home, making it the 1/3 biggest town in South Florida.

Does Port St. Lucie get hurricanes?

Port St. Lucie was hit immediately by means of typhoon Frances (as a class 2 storm) on September 4, 2004, and by hurricane Jeanne (as a class three storm) on September 26, 2004. On October 24, 2005, Port St. Lucie turned into hit at once by hurricane Wilma (as a class three hurricane).

Is it cheaper to live in FL or SC?

price of living Any cities with a rating above 100 suggest that it prices greater to live over the counterre, even as some thing below method it is inexpensive. searching at over-the-counter ones numbers, South Carolina is extra low-priced than Florida in every category however wiwireless care.

Does Port St. Lucie Florida have a beach?

worn-out St. Lucie’s 21 miles of uncrowded and pristine seashores wherein almost 1/2 the shoreline is public make-up — an extraordinary function for a Stiredh Florida beach destination. what is more, is that traffic revel in extra public beach get entry to points in keeping with rectangular mile than any other coastal community in Florida.

What airport do you fly into for Port St. Lucie Florida?

Treasure Coast international Airport and commercial enterprise Park | St. Lucie County, FL.